Post Workout Skincare

workout-skincareShower.  That was the only thing I could think about as I left Barry's Bootcamp a sweaty mess with a beat red face.  Feel me?  But did you know that there's actually a skincare regimen you should follow after an intense workout?  Neither did I until I spoke with NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross, who gave me the scoop.

"When you exercise you sweat and lose a lot of fluids. Your first reaction after your workout is to wash it all away, but you have to make sure to take care of your skin properly when it's so stressed," he commented.

Step one: Skip harsh cleansers and toners that will strip away your natural oils.

Step two: Add moisture back into your skin.

Application is key though, as when you increase your metabolism, your oil glands naturally secrete, so you need to make sure your skin has time to equilibrate before applying products so they don't end up blocking the pores.  Therefore, you should wait a while after your workout to add moisturizer and makeup.

Athleta: Wallet Friendly Work Out Gear

One way I motivate myself to workout is to wear cute clothes to class, obvi.  You with me? Last night I hosted the Athleta store opening party in the Flatiron area of NYC and couldn't have been more impressed with their new line, shopping experience and of course, the price points (it's Gap's fitness brand).

The store was pristine.  White walls and directional spotlights hanging from the ceiling allowed the various collections – categorized by performance type and color – to take center stage.  There's even a whole wall dedicated to leggings that range from $64-$98.

In the middle of the party, New York's finest fitness instructors from Equinox, Barre, SoulCycle and other coveted classes preformed in a fashion show debuting the new collection. Let's just say fitness fashion shows are a lot more fun than anything I've ever seen (picture jumps, squats and twirls down the runway).  As an Athleta fan and fitness fanatic, it was such a fun event to be a part of.  Check out the new store next time you're nearby or visit to preview the collection.

Athleta is at 126 Fifth Ave. NYC

*This is a sponsored post, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Dress to Perform: Workout Gear that Will Make You Want to Sweat

When I was younger I used to attend dance classes (OK up until I was 18).  I took ballet and hip hop and used to get yelled at when I didn't dress appropriately for class; quickly learning that a sports bra and loose tank is not the same thing as a leotard.  My teacher used to tell me to dress to perform, which made me mad as a rebellious teenager who hated rules.  Now, I take that same advice into the gym and it makes all the difference.  Here's what I've been rocking lately... Believe it or not, the sports bra and jacket is by Roxy.  They just launched an outdoor fitness line that's designed to fight the elements when you're partaking in activities like biking and hiking, but I love the material and the designs really compliment a woman's figure so I wear them to the gym as well.  In the pic I'm wearing the Roxy Spin Bra and Atmosphere Jacket.  I also have capri pants that have a really flattering cut, making my thighs look slimmer.

Also in the pic above, I'm wearing my Victoria's Secret Supermodel Pants.  Make Victoria's Secret your new go-to for yoga pants.  They're slimming, comfortable and affordable.  Check out my new finds and you'll soon be saying Lulu who?

Victoria's Secret Model, Lily Aldridge Dishes Her Workout Secret

In the middle of getting her eye makeup done backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lily Aldridge took a minute out to tell me about her new baby girl, Dixie Pearl, who she had just four months before.  The whole time as she was saying the words "joy" and "wonderful" to describe motherhood, I somehow tuned out everything she had to say about being a mom and couldn't help but stare at her long, lean toned crossed legs as she sat there in her pink robe.  Seriously?  Being one who works my *ss off to stay toned without kids I had to know what she was doing. Her secret?  Ballet Beautiful classes in NYC along with pilates.  I've never tried Ballet Beautiful before, but you bet your *ass I'm going to now.  I thought I did it all, from Physique 57 to Soul Cycle.  Out of all of the crazy workouts NYC has to offer, it's ballet that creates the lean, toned body.

The classes offer targeted exercises to sculpt, stretch and tone the body.  If you're not located in NYC, they also offer online classes and DVDs, so there's no excuse not to get in on the action.  Thanks for the info, Lily.



Sweat Like You Mean It with High / Low Workouts

Over the summer I read a headline that stated, "Sweat Is Fat Crying" and it truly resonated with me.  Even though I sweat each time I work out, I hate it and automatically want to stop doing what I'm doing as I'd rather be glistening.  The addiction to the high I get each time I get lost in the vocals that penetrate through the house music coming out of my head phones and my muscles start to burn however, makes the sweat all worth it.  Toxins, pouring out of my body.  If you really want to sweat and tone up, I recommend trying a high/low cardio work out.  Here's why: It's the best of both worlds.  While you're getting in cardio exercise, you're also constantly toning our upper and lower body.  For the past four years I've been taking the Cardio Pump class at Crunch Fitness (formerly Club H) with Vanitha Iyer, which is all based on high / low exercise.  "High / low exercise is a great way to build stamina and the variation of movements keeps the workout interesting," Iyer comments.  "The dynamic movements at a high intensity continue to increase the metabolic rate."

In one 45 minute class, Iyer says you could burn up to about 800 calories.  Let me tell you, for that kind of work out, I sweat and don't mind twice a week!




Lululemon, The Best Workout Gear for Your Bod

Lately, I've had a new urge to start running outside.  Even though I go to the gym everyday, I've never taken my workout outdoors, but with the nicer weather quickly approaching I decided it's time.  With that, it was also time to get some new, cute workout gear because you never know who you may run into (pun intended). My friend introduced me to Lululemon, yoga inspired athletic gear, and the rest is history.  I bought a few staples, but have to admit, I've never looked better in work out clothes and felt more confident in the gym or running by the East river.  The leggings give me the butt I never though I had.  They also have a tiny pocket on the top to slip cash or a credit card in so you can grab food or a water after your run.  Genius.

The whole collection is pretty pricey, but if you're passionate about working out in or outdoors and are looking for gear  that'll really compliment your shape it's worth the splurge on the basics.  I'm dying for some of the more fun, brightly colored shorts and shells, but maybe next time.

What gives you confidence during a workout?

Wear Your Workout

With Memorial Day weekend just three months away, I like many am in bikini mode.  Intense ab workouts, sculpting classes and cardio sessions galore, the time is now.  The problem however, is just that, time.  It's not always easy to hit the gym and with little time until summer every second counts.  I found a solution... ShaToBu. A new line of shape wear that allows you to shape, tone and burn calories  (that's where ShaToBu came from) just by wearing it. Created by chiropractor, Dr. Denise Perron, the seamless tights are lined with resistance bands in the areas we love most... the butt and thighs.  Studies prove people who wear ShaToBu burn up to 12% more calories per day just by going about their normal activity.

This all sounded too good to be true so I tried it out for myself.  I wore them all day and it was just a little bit harder to take a step or go from sitting down to standing up.  I'm one of those people who keeps my abs engaged standing on the subway, so I'll take it!  Like I said, time is precious and every minute counts.

ShaToBu is available in buff and jet black for $50 and $60.

A Workout for Your Face

In the olden days celebrities used to dip their faces into ice baths daily to tighten them.  The coldness constricts the facial muscles, which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.  Lucky for us and modern technology, we can skip the daily dunk! Recently, I discovered a new anti-aging product that actually gets delivered to you on dry ice.  Votre Vu Les Sorbet, $165, contains marine collagen and elastin, which are most effective when kept cold. By first breaking down the collagen and elastin in your skin, it helps to reproduce new and speed up the plumping process.

Much like dipping your face in an ice bath, this product makes the facial muscles to do mini sit ups.  It must be kept in the freezer, but is definitely a more civil way of working out your face to rid fine lines and wrinkles.

Tone Up in 14 Days

Yes, you read it right, 14 days, but not only will you begin to see cuts in your arms (bye bye flab!), but you'll also notice a clearer complexion.  Are you ready for the challenge? You'd be crazy to ignore it.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel partnered with the Women's Sports Foundation and created the "Tone Up Challenge" just in time for spring, which promises to help you loose a dress size if you follow the rules.  It consists of 14 different exercises to do each day that don't even require a gym membership.  Of course, you need to watch what you eat as well if you are really looking to sculpt.

Each day after the assigned exercise it's time to tone your face with Witch Hazel, an all natural astringent that's great for all skin types.  Not only does it reduce the amount of oil on your face, but it actually controls it throughout the day as well without being drying.

Join me in the quest for a sculpted body and clearer complexion! Find more about the "Tone Up Challenge" here.