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Best in Show: Bronzers

bronzerIt's finally beginning to look like spring in fact will come this year. How else would we celebrate, but by taking a peak into the best bronzers of the season. Thanks J. Lo for setting the bar so high.  Here are the ones you want to get your hands on in order to achieve that gorgeous glow.


Jouer Mattifying Bronzing Powder, $30  This powder gives you a gorgeous bronzy shade while hydrating the skin with Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract and Aloe Vera. And that's not even all it does. The mattifying effect diminishes unwanted shine to give you a clean bronzy glow.


Physicians Formula City Glow, $14.95  While the gorgeous design on the surface is what first catches your attention, the formula keeps it. It protects against environmental aggressors, therefore not only giving you the superficial look of healthy skin, but actively working to maintain skin health.


Mary Kay Bronzing Powder, $18 We've all been there when with one sweep of the brush, our bronzer goes on way too dark. Making it clear poorly applied bronzer is how you achieved your "natural-looking" tan. This powder has the perfect finish allowing for gradual buildability and keeps a smooth application over the surface of the skin.


Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlight Bronzer Duo, $12.99 This two-in-one bronzer/ blush duo gives you a beautiful natural sun-kissed look. With the perfect mix between the pinky blush and the luminous bronzer, you'll look like you absorbed the perfect amount of Vitamin D.


Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder, $54  We're fans of this Diorskin line in general, so of course their bronzer had to make the cut for this round up. It's true to its name and such a light texture that it doesn't cake, allowing your skin to breathe.

5 Celebrity Inspired Winter Beauty Trends, with Wendy Williams!

This was by far one of the most exciting segments I've done.  Picture this – It's 3pm on Friday afternoon right after Sandy.  I'm checking into a hotel room across the city to indulge in a shower and some heat and I received a call from a producer from the Wendy Williams Show. An hour before I went live the segment was finalized.  That's how it works (sometimes) in live TV.  I love my job.  As soon as I get a clip I'll post it, but here's a link to the information for now and a list of the products used after the jump.  Guys, I had my own green room!


Physician's Formula Launches A Fool Proof Makeup Collection

When I received Physician's Formula's latest launches this week, I spilled the bag out onto my floor as I normally do and shifted through making a mess of packaging on my floor and on my hand of color swatches.  I stopped to pay closer attention when I noticed they had new products called "PH Matchmaker," which is basically genius makeup – a bronzer, blush and lipgloss that work with the PH in your skin and lighting to customize your perfect colors. The bronzer and blush each come in two shades and have flourescein based dye that senses your skins PH and the powders adjust to the light so your glow looks just as fabulous in the sunshine as it does in your own bathroom lighting.  The lip gloss also comes in two shades, pink and light pink and works the same way.  They really a natural lip hue.

I'm really impressed by the technology in these products and believe makeup can either be used to enhance your natural beauty or as an accessory.  Of course I use it both ways, but this collection is a great way to bring out your natural colors.

Physician's Formula PH Matchmaker Powder Bronzer, $19.99; Powder Blush, $15.99 and Lip Gloss, $12.79 all at



5 Simple Tricks to Turn Up Tired Eyes

We all experience nights whether restless or reckless that quickly turns into mornings where we wake up looking just a little less than alert.  But as the story goes, when that alarm buzzes, it’s time to get up and hide our tired eyes.  I got the scoop from Physicians Formula Celebrity Makeup Artist, Joanna Schlip, on how to look alert with a few makeup tricks. 1.  Line the top of your eye three quarters of the way starting where the color of your eye begins and take it out to the spot where the crease in your eye ends.  Creating a thick line on the top gives the illusion of fuller lashes, which opens the eye.   Try Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, $10.95.

2. Trace a soft, thin line underneath your lashes on the bottom of your eye.  Make sure you avoid the inner rim.  It will only make them appear smaller.

3. Smudge a highlighter or a shimmery eye shadow underneath your brow bone and place a tad in the inner corners of your eyes for an instant pick-me-up.

4. Fill in your brows from the arch to the outside of your eye to add lift.  I like the Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil, $19.

5. Apply false lashes to the outer most corners of your peepers, curl them and add mascara.

And woo-la!  Grab a grande non-fat latte with an extra shot of espresso and no one will ever know about your rough night.

What are your early morning pick-me-ups?

Budget Friendly Fall Beauty & Style Tips

Everyone knows you don't need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.  Well, good news is after reporting on all of the backstage beauty trends and styles of New York Fashion Week's Fall 2010 runways last spring I found several ways to take the hottest looks from runway to real way and will be talking about them for my next couple TV segments.  Here's the scoop... No matter what look you're going for a they all start with a clear complexion.  I always recommend using a cleanser that's effective yet affordable.  Noxzema's Original Deep Clean collection is great because the formula gets down into your pores to rid impurities and moisturizes your skin.  The brand also came out with an acne controlling line for adults that prevents and helps treat breakouts called Clean Blemish Control.  It's secret ingredient: salicylic acid.  For those of you who need something a little stronger (more frequent breakouts), they have a line called Triple Clean.  Unlike some acne control products, these don't strip your skin of moisture, which is key.  The scent of Noxzema alone does it for me!  All products are available for under $5.

Backstage at fashion week colorful liner was in.  You can make your peepers pop with Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liners, $11.  Each set comes with three shades and are packaged to compliment different eye colors.  You can... wear each shade alone or together to create different looks.  The best part, the liner lasts up to 24 hours, but after you apply it you have a few minutes of wiggle room until it sets in case you want to smudge it out or do it over.  Audrina Patridge wore the set for green eyes to the MTV Movie Awards.

One of the biggest trends in accessories this fall is going geek chic!  Whether you wear prescription glasses or not every one's sporting frames!  From classic aviators to the sexy cat eye and chunky bookworm styles, frames are an absolute must-have.  Check out for styles from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Zoom, Juicy Couture, Todd Rogers and more.  The site also helps you chose frames for your face shape, which is super helpful!

As a fashionista and someone who practically lives online, I'm going to share a big secret –  Almost every designer dress and bag I have came from this site because they sell them for 50-75% off!  The site is free to join and unlike others doesn't require and invite and retails different designer items every day.  I got an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming sales calendar and can share it with you!  Keep an eye out for Gypsy 05, C&C California, decadestwo (I'm obsessed) and Carla Mancini handbags.

Just a few tweaks to your look can help upgrade your fall style and won't break the bank.  Clear skin, colorful eyes, hot frames and a few new hot items in your wardrobe and you have a new look!

Emmy Beauty Predictions

This time last year I was in LA getting ready to do a beauty segment for E! on secrets of the stars beauty habits on the red carpet during the Emmys.  The experience was incredible!  I was with E!'s own Ashlan Gorse and chatted it up for the rest of the day with people like Padma Lakshmi, Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore and the cast of Mad Men. This year, I cannot wait to watch the Emmys and have some beauty predictions of what type of makeup looks the nominees will be sporting from Physician's Formula Celebrity Makeup Artist, Joanna Schlip.

"At this year's Emmy's we'll be seeing two very distinct looks," remarked Joanna.  "I'm betting on retro glam and and feminine using monochromic, knock-out neutrals."

Last year, Leighton Meester sported the rocked glam look in a chic white dress perfectly.  It's all about flawless skin, defined brows and a sharp red lip.  Joanna also thinks the cat eye will be a huge focal point, but this time, more exaggerated.

Will you be tuning into the Emmys this year?  Who are you excited to see on the red carpet?

The Bronzer 411 & Golden Giveaway

After a conversation with some of my girlfriends I discovered that bronzer was one of the top beauty products they couldn't live without and observed that some of them weren't even wearing the right shade for their skin tone.  That being said, I decided to help them out by investigating the techniques on how to choose and apply the magic dust.  Physician's Formula Celebrity Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip gave me the scoop. The Top 2 Golden Rules of Being A Golden Goddess:

1. Obviously our skin gets darker in the summer and lighter in the winter, which means you need to change your bronzer with the seasons.  Always use a bronzer that's two shades darker than your skin tone.

2. Use...a kabuki brush to apply bronzer (this is the one that's "cut") – it won't show any lines of demarcation – and apply to all areas the sun will hit such as your forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. Don't forget the small parts.  Your ears and neck should be bronzed too.  Blend well.

Schlip loves Physician's Formula's new Shimmer and Pearl Bronzer (great for face) and Bronze Booster Pressed Powder (awesome for face & body). I have one of each to give away!  Here's how to win:

Follow @beautysweetspot on Twitter and RT my Tweets about the giveaway, a winner will be chosen for each at random on Friday, July 30th. Good Luck!