DIY Beauty Refresh: No Salon Needed


Why spend hundreds of dollars at the salon or spa on your beauty regimen when you can do it yourself and save?  Well, DIY to a certain extent.  Here are some of our favorite beauty buys that'll keep you looking fresh this spring.

Hair: Refreshing your color at a hair salon with a gloss can run you about $80. At home, try John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss for only $11.99 at Available in six shades, the glosses refresh and liven up your hair color even matching the tone. Just apply it in the shower after you shampoo and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Nails: Fan of gel manicures? They can run you upwards of $40 a pop at the salon. Instead, try Sensationail at home. The starter kit is $59.99 and then you’re set. It includes the LED lamp and everything you need to get a chip free manicure for up to 2 weeks over and over again.

Smile: Professional teeth whitening can cost about $500! At home, try the new GoSmile Sonic Blue Whitening System for a professional whitening each time you brush thanks to the LED light paired with vibrations that polish your teeth.

Now, how's that for a spring beauty refresh?

Backstage DKNY: A Conceptual Look

image We’re back in the NYFW swing of things. Backstage at DKNY we talked to some of our favorite beauty veterans and got the scoop on the conceptual beauty look they created. From the cobweby hat-hair created by Eugene Soueliman to Yadim's quirky graphic eye. See how they created these memorable runway looks.


Textured Cobweby Hat Hair

“We’re doing a hairstyle that’s as if a hat has been on it and it’s squished down," explains lead Wella hairstylist, Souleiman. And the key to getting this sans hat? Tension, which he created by French braiding two sections of hair beginning behind the ear and bring it down the back of the hairline. Then, using the small end of the back of a comb, he pulled out a thin layer on both sides along the center part, brushed them until full of static, giving the cobweb texture. After spraying them with dry spray, the static hair hung as a veil over the sleeked down flat hair. To keep it pressed down while backstage, the girls wore bandanas while finishing up backstage.


Quirky DIY-Looking Graphic Eye 

“When I talked to the team they said they wanted something quirky and eccentric,” Maybelline lead make artist Yadim explains. Well, he nailed it with the imperfect non-straight line around the eye replicating a shape found on the fabric on a piece in the collection. “It was a bit of a flower print but you wouldn’t really know it because it’s so abstract,” he explained.

Interested in how he created this squiggly graphic eye? He drew the lines using Maybelline Master Precise and Master Graphic, meeting the top and bottom on the outside corner. "You can't make a mistake because it's done purposefully." To get the lines this perfectly imperfect, smear them out with a makeup wipe and then go around and cleaned it up with a dry Q-tip. It still will leave the squiggly effect without initially creating it on purpose.

"The Fast Pass" Mani 

Keeping with the conceptual, DIY theme, lead Essie manicurist Michel Saunders gave each model what she called "The Fast Pass," manicure. It's simply one swipe of nude-colored polish called "All Eyes On Nudes" down the center of the nail. Also looking as if the model quickyldid it herself. "Leaving a little bit of the sides out to show that it's ok to be imperfect," explains Saunders.

Chic Neutral Nail Ideas

neutral-nails0.jpgWhile we love a pop of color for summer, neutrals never go out of style. And neutral polishes make your tips look clean and sophisticated. Here are chic neutral nail ideas to spice up your mani, while still maintaining elegance.

neutral-nails.jpgAngled Lines

The clean lines in this sharp design add an intriguing dimension to the natural curve of the nails. It’s a totally chic way to incorporate two different tones of the same shade.

neutral-nails2.jpgBlack Tips

A thin, black line across a pale shade like Essie in Ballet Slippers offers a new way to wear a classic French mani. We love nothing more than black polish. #classy

neutral-nails5Colored Edges

Similar to the black tips, these skinny multi-colored tips are unique and fun look for summer. The variety of colors painted thinly on the outer edge allows them to compliment instead of compete against one another.

neutral-nails4.jpgFoil Nails

Adding shine to a neutral color is a simple but effective way to rock a chic neutral mani. The metallic adds a nice texture without overwhelming. We like the Barry M Foil Effects Polish ($4.76).

neutral-nails0.jpgOmbre Shades

We just love this idea of an ombre neutral mani. Choosing a shade like brown gives this particular mani a fresh look.

Wedding Day Nails

Two months until my wedding!  While I've booked my glam squad and already went for my hair and makeup trial, I'm not sold on what I'm doing on my nails yet. Wedding day nails are important, especially since there are a lot of picture of the bands.  I was thinking maybe my pedi will be my something blue.  We'll see.  This week in NYC is bridal fashion week and when I stumbled upon the photos from backstage at Monique Lhuillier I started brainstorming.

Butter London launched a bridal set inspired by an ethereal daydream at the Monique Lhuillier fashion show called Sweet Somethings.  I'm into it.  What do you think?  Have any suggestions for my wedding day nails?

5 Favorites

While many new products hit my desk, only a few really impress.  In this 5 Favorites round up, I'm going to fill you in on exactly why a hand cream is worth $85 (no joke), hands down the best eye makeup remover out there, the nail polish shade I'm considering as my something blue for my wedding day pedicure (it's Zac Posen approved) plus more.

Restorsea Hand Cream, $85 at

As a fan of Restorsea skincare, when I received the email about a new hand cream launch, I immediately requested a sample.  A day later, there it was.  Now, my fiance makes fun of me for carrying around a full sized (3.4 0z) tube in my clutch.  The condition of my hands changed within about a weeks use.  They've been dry, but what has been bothering me most was my cuticles.  Now, my hands feel smooth and look presentable.  It's like a miracle cream, not just a temporary fix.

L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray, $4.99 at drugstores

L'Oreal came out with a whole new collection of styling products and their Boost It line was made for women with fine or flat hair like me.  My favorite product so far is the High Lift Creation Spray.  After blowdrying, I spray it into my roots and tease them just a bit to create a bit of volume on top.  The formula is workable, not sticky, so it keeps the height in place without looking too done.

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in Hide & Sleek, $5.69 at

I dumped the new Morgan Taylor polish collection out onto my kitchen table and immediately grabbed this one – Hide & Sleek.  From the new "Purples Collection," and inspired by semi-precious stones, this hue is a potential wedding day something blue.  It's rich and reminds me of royalty.  Zac Posen even chose the shade to compliment his Fall 2014 collection during NY Fashion Week.

Klorane Floral Gel Eye Makeup Remover, $16 at

Dare I say that I've never met an eye makeup remover so gentle and efficient?  This is it.  Enough said.  The gel formula is gentle on the lashes and despite the fact that it has the word floral it's title, no, it won't sting if it gets into your eyes.  It's actually made with soothing cornflower.

Emi-Jay Hair Ties, Ombre 5 Pack, $10.99 at

I can finally put my hair in a real pony tail!  Therefore, maybe I'm late to the game, but I'm obsessed with Emi-Jay Hair Ties.  Their a true beauty breakthrough as they look fashionable and don't cause tension.  I'm a fan of the ombre packs.

Personalized Polish

Anything personalized makes a great gift, but when I saw the latest offering from one of my favorite nail polish brands, I couldn't stop wanting to make an entire collection for myself.  Greedy, I know, but after you see them you may do the same. Whether you're looking to buy your bestie a present, for unique bridesmaid gifts or just a special token for yourself, look no further than Nails Inc..

The public relations firm for Nails Inc. sent over a mailing featuring this new collection – Couture.  Before I read the press release, I was immediately taken by one of the shades; a pale mauve.  The bottle top was surrounded by pearls, which was cute, too.  I went to see what the color was called and saw "Jeannine."  I died telling my fiance, Joe, that this color was meant to be for me.  And then... I read the press release.  The new Couture Collection by Nails Inc. lets you personalize your polish from the color, to the cap and label for just $20.  A personalized nail polish?  I felt special!

Exclusive: Backstage Beauty at Alice & Olivia

This season, the Alice & Olivia presentation was held at the McKittrick Hotel and the backstage space was so narrow that models, Stila makeup artists, Tresemme hairstyles and Essie manicurists were squished into tiny diagonal spaces around a long, rectangular table trying to get ready without getting aggravated.  Try to be the only beauty blogger who had access, trying not to get in the way.  Like a snake, I slithered in and out of their chairs and got the scoop.  The lip look alone was worth the craze.

This was the fourth season Sara Lucero for Stila took the lead on the makeup for Alice & Olivia.  Heavy liner was complimented by false lashes, the skin was left radiant skin with a youthful, pinkish glow on the cheeks and the lips were the focus.  "Depending on what the girls were wearing, they had different lip looks," Lucero stated.  One was to resemble a "forbidden poison apple," which was a layering of candy apple like colors from Stila including a mix of Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery and Merlot Vinyl, topped off by Lip Glaze in Cranberry, which acted like high shine top coat for your nails.  The other was a super glossy opaque nude that, "knocked out their natural lip tone and gave it coverage."  The shade: Banana Lip Glaze, which is a golden shimmer.

Matthew Curtis of Tresemme lead his team to create, "big, crazy brushed out curls." First he sprayed Tresemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray, because the heat from the curling iron works with the alcohol to contract the hair, making it hold.  Using  1" tongs, he curled all the way up to the root, but left about 1" from the root straight. The inspiration was vampish victorian, dark but feminine. Left pin curled until the models were dressed, he then teased the hair back and brushed out the curls.  To create a "fantasy-like lift," before he finished it off with hairspray, he used hair nets around the bottom of the hair to lift the curls up and sprayed.

Essie manicurist, Miss Pop applied two coats of Essie polish in Licorice and created small dots with Good as Gold.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Herve Leger NYFW Beauty

The invite to cover Max Azria's Herve Leger show is always an honor as his infamous bandage dresses always catch my attention, but this season an even more special invite landed in my inbox – the opportunity to cover the hair and makeup test the day before the show. RSVP: Yes.  Here are details on my exclusive preview of what the models hair, makeup and nails will look like.  PS: The show is tomorrow afternoon.

Prior to today, the glam squad met with Lubov Azria, the Chief Creative Officer of Max Azria to give direction for look and show off the Fall 2014 collection.  According to Lead Bumble & Bumble Stylist, Laurent Philippon, words like "bold," "cyber," "high tech" and "robotic" kept coming up.  There were two models at the test and I watched as he pulled their hair into high, tight ponytails and added streaks of "avatar blue" extensions into them starting at the root.  A look that later, wasn't approved by Azria.

Tomorrow, the girls are expected to walk with the same equestrian style ponytail, but the colored pieces of blue and a reddish coral will be coming in from the bottom as if they were an extension of their necklines.  "This way the audience can only see the color when the model turns, making it a more subtle statement," explains Philippon.

The eyes were the makeup look.  "I applied everything n a diagonal so you get the feeling of digital speed and movement," comments Val Garland, the lead makeup artist for Temptu.  The whole look was really emulated through the eyeliner, which Garland used a cream liner to create the graphic shape and then set it with Temptu's paint.  Her tip:  Don't move for 15 seconds after applying eyeliner to ensure it stays crisp like "a tick."  Her look was instantly approved.

Essie's Lead Manicurist, Julie Kandalec gave Azria a variety of designs to choose from playing off of the the lines in a bandage dress.  "She wanted to go in a blush direction to pick up the bare shade in the collection," she commented.  Tomorrow, all of the models will be wearing the same shade, Lady Like, but maybe not the same nail.


Essie Gels Are Making A Lasting Impression

When I announced on Instagram that Essie was launching a gel polish you all went nuts!  Now, I see why.  Normally, I opt for regular manicures, but the past two times I tested out the new gels.  Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!  Seriously though, (and I say this as I stare down at my shiny, perfectly polished tips), I may be converting.  Here's the scoop.

The first time I tried the gels I wanted to see purely how long they would last since I've tried all of the other gels and wanted to compare.  I chose my staple Wicked-like color.  To be fair, thanks to my anxiety, I pick and eat off my polish.  With gels of different brands in the past when I was good about not eating them off (gross!) they normally last me about a week  to ten days.  Then, they'd begin to peel on the bottom corners and naturally, I'd attack them.

My first Essie gel manicure lasted ten days.  I was impressed (as was my fiancé and anyone who knew me).  Then, I began picking.  The next time, I chose a shade that corresponds with Russian Roulette called Bank Roll.  Yes, you can match the shade of gel polish to your favorite corresponding Essie polish through a color wheel, which I feel is crucial!

I will say my manicurist the past two times has been phenomenal, as I truly believe that the way the gels are applied have everything to do with them lasting – light layers. The new Essie gel polish collection comes in 36 shades and uses an LED lamp.


Get the Look: Beyonce's Neon Mani in "Blow"

This just in – Beyonce's long time manicurist, Lisa Logan, revealed what she used on Bey's nails on set for her video, Blow.  When the rollerskating rink turns into an ultimate '80's party, her nails pop neon yellow.  Want the look?  Lisa used Ciate's Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit in Megaphone. Sure, leave it up to Bey to drop a full album overnight, but leave it up to Lisa to match her tips to her lips and keep it on the DL.  In case you haven't seen it yet, check out the video below.

Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Energetic, yet super girly, Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, a fun shade of fuchsia blended with purple and pink undertones, will be popping up everywhere next Spring.  Serving as a shade that's said to 'spark the imagination,' the new it color is universally flattering so when it comes to makeup shades we can all incorporate it easily.  Here are some hot makeup picks that will get you right on trend.

BITE Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Violet, $24 at Sephora

I love these lip pencils, because they're super creamy and the pigment literally last for hours without drying out and settling into fine lines.  The shades show up exactly how the appear in the packaging.  Talk about making a statement.  Remember, I said the shade is universally flattering.

Cargo Eye Shadow Single in Pasadena, $16 at Macys

When wearing a shade that's on trend, I recommend going for shadow singles instead of purchasing a palette.  This way you can easily incorporate the shade into a smokey eye or do a sheer wash of color across the whole eye without going crazy, because you know you're going to go out and grab the next trendy color as soon as it hits stores.  I like Cargo's powders, their shadows and blushes, because they're soft and this shade in particular is wearable.

Illamsqua Nail Varnish, $17 at Sephora

A radiant orchid mani for Spring?  Yes please.  This is where I'll be pulling in the color.  I know the typical go-to polishes are Essie and OPI, since they're conveniently in salons, and of course, they have fab shades that are on trend too, but guys, look at this.  Illamsqua makes the most exquisitely bold, statement making shades.

Beauty Through the Decades

Imagine living in a simpler time where beauty was so streamlined that using a bar of soap was considered an effective skincare regimen.  I just received a mailing from the CVS Beauty Club highlighting beauty then and now that made me truly appreciate how far technology has come! You won't believe what woman used to do compared to what we do today.  Read on and appreciate! Skincare

Then: An effective skincare regimen used to include cleansing with a bar soap and smoothing on moisturizer.  Can you imagine?  Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid was one of the first products to be introduced that offered a non-greasy, more luxe texture.

Now: New technology not only allows us to choose the type of formula we want to meet our lifestyles and skincare needs, but also the application method.  Creams, serums, oils and cleansers, do everything from erasing fine lines, plumping the skin, evening out it's tone and protecting it from environmental factors.


Then: Foundations came in heavy, very limited shade ranges and women had to wear falsies daily in the 60's as their lashes were their main accessory.  Talk about high maintanence!  Lip color was always in, but the popular shades shifted from screen siren reds to nudes and eventually burgundy.

Now: Skincare ingredients are now incorporated into cosmetics making almost all of them "good for your skin." Foundation isn't the only option now (thank God!) as face makeup comes in a variety of forms depending on the coverage you're looking for (i.e.: tinted moisturizer, BB Cream, CC Cream…).  Most brands have a decent amount of shade ranges, too.  Mascara formulations and intricate wands are now also designed to create specific looks so daily falsies aren't necessary.  Lip care goes way beyond pigment as we now also have texture options ranging from matte to sheer.

Hair Styling

Then: Women used to have to sit for hours at the salon with rollers in their hair to create curls or use an actual clothing iron to straighten their hair.

Now: Where do we begin?  Achieving a salon worthy style at home is easier than ever thanks to all of the styling tools that are available to us. There are even different types of curling irons for different types of curls! Talk about specifics!


Then: The polish decision was solely about color.

Now: We're all nail artists.  The demand for effects is in full effect and a simple manicure just doesn't cut it anymore.  Ombre, 3D and crackle meet polka dots, chevron and color blocking.


Then: To fit the mood of the times, scent trends changed with the decades.

Now: You probably have at least three fragrances to rotate with your ever changing moods.   Your scent is another element of your personal style and rules don't exist anymore.  Unisex fragrances are more popular and let's face it, if it has Lady Gaga's name on it, it's selling out.


Marchesa for Revlon: Nail Art as Intricately Designed as Their Coveted Gowns

The invite read: Comes see the inspiration behind the first Revlon by Marchesa collections and speak with the designers, get fitted for a bespoke 3D Jewel Appliqué nail art design, and earn more about the future of the collaboration over champagne cocktails and elegant bites.  I died.     

It was just about a month ago I was trying on Marchesa wedding gowns after swooning over their collections from season to season.  To have cocktails at The Plaza with the designers, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig was, after all, just another day in the life.  Only this time, I was a bit more excited than usual.  I couldn't wait to see what they were doing with Revlon.

"Marchesa and Revlon are both about empowering women through beauty and making them feel happy about themselves, so it was a perfect fit," Georgina explained.  "Nail art's been such an exciting entrance for us and now we're a bit addicted to it."

Let's just say that my nails are now coated with the most intricate, texturized detail inspired by an actual Marchesa gown from their fall 2013 collection.  Throughout the Plaza's Oak Room, all of the gowns were on display next to photos of their coordinating Revlon nail wraps.  Stunning!  The stickers just launched in drugstores.


Top 5 Fall Nail Trends

Backstage during New York Fashion Week last season, it was no surprise that nails were still a main accessory. Playing with texture keeps nail art interesting, proving it's here to stay. I spoke with Celebrity Manicurist, Jin Soon Choi, who broke down the top five nail trends for the season. Get ready to play! Tibi

1. Black Matte 

Seen at: Karen Walker, Kaelen, Prabal Gurung, Tibi

Black matte is the hottest thing this fall and there are two different matte finishes available: A pure matte finish which is more young and edgy (Karen Walker) and a satin matte finish (Tibi) which gives a more finished matte look.  I recommend matte black on short to medium length nails with any types of shapes and with natural make up.  Another hot interesting black matte look is a shimmer black matte that was shown on the Tibi Fall 2013 Collection.  Satin matte finish on shimmering black nail polish (JINsoon Obsidian and Matte Maker) goes with all different age groups and skin tones because it provides a satin sheen and it looks more finished than regular matte finish.  Try JINsoon Matte Maker top coat for a satin matte finish instead of a dull unfinished look.

2. Matching Lips & Tips

Seen at: Zac Posen

If you wear unadorned dark oxblood nails, this look can be both modern and chic.  If you want to match your lips and nails, make sure the makeup is very minimalistic, dewy, and not overdone so it will highlight the nails and lips.  Fair skin tones would pull off this look the best.

The nails should be on the shorter side and the shape should be round to square. 

3. Talons

Seen at: Kate Spade, Katie Gallagher

Talons make a really strong statement and are tricky to pull off if they are not done well, otherwise they look like fake nails.  I would recommend talons for someone with long fingers. Talons work well in a hip hop version or for a super glam fashiony look.  If you want to make even more of a statement with talons, you can apply simple studs or nail art.


4. Texture

Seen at: Houghton, Nicholas K., Ruffian,

Adding texture is very versatile - it enhances everything from talons to sophisticated high end "Punk" looks, and is especially applicable to nail art.  It can be fun, creative, and hot.  You can easily use a simple version of this in your daily style; just make sure to coordinate with your outfit and use the most appropriate studs or laces to go with it.

5. Ombre

Seen at: Vivienne Westwood

Ombre can go with all different looks, different length of nails, and different shapes.  It can be casual or it can be theatrical like Vivienne Westwood herself.  You can apply two to three colors and mix them up, but I would recommend a more clean pastel ombre (choose lighter colors from your outfit or make up) if you have strong make up or style. Be careful to avoid clashing Ombres with your make-up so your look isn't too exaggerated. Having a perfect color combination is the key for ombres to achieve a more fashiony, stylish look, rather than a cutesy, childish look.


Nail Art Inspired by DKNY Be Delicious

What do you think of my green half moon mani?  It was definitely a conversation starter! Since the new DKNY Be Delicious ad just came out (behind the scenes images from the photo shoot here), I was inspired by the fragrance and celebrated with nail art.  Think I captured it?  It's really easy to do at-home and check out my step-by-step photo tutorial. Step 1: Choose your base color.  Opt for a shade that matches your skin tone so it doesn't compete with your accent color.  Apply two coats.

Step 2: Using a thin brush, paint a half moon near your cuticle with your accent color.

Don't forget your bottom and top coat!  It's that easy though. Of course, I went and got it done because I always do, but can definitely see myself DIYing it next time.  Like what you see?  Check out the DKNY Facebook page for more of my nail art projects that were inspired by their fragrances.


The Best Polish Shades for Dark Skin

If you have a dark skin tone consider yourself lucky, because most polish hues look fanstastic on you.  Celebrity Manicurist, Jenna Hipp, recommends opting for berries, beigy nudes, mauves, reds, fuchsias and purples, which means you can wear almost anything.  Keep reading for some of her shade recommendations. RGB Cosmetics in Fuchsiaan exciting opaque metallic

Jin Soon in Audacityan elegant deep wine

Zoya in Austinea soft pale gold with a hint of metallic frost


5 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

So everyone who’s anyone has a killer Instagram account these days. Which makes it hard to find the ones you should be following without blowing up your feed. Luckily, I’m just as obsessed. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love seeing artsy, behind the scenes footage from events, parties and shoots?  Here are five awesome insta glam squads to follow.

Best Beauty Brand: Birchbox @birchbox

This is far from the only official Birchbox account. There are actually six of them from different departments. All accounts give you a behind the scenes look at some of the best products and brands in the business. These products are of course not just laid out straight on a table, they are laid out in a creative artsy style that make you think they may have a prop stylist in the office at all times purely for Instagram purposes. They also add in some fun office shots now and again to hold interest.

Best Fitness: Ballet Beautiful @balletbeautiful

Ballet Beautiful is a company that encourages the beautiful form of dance to receive a healthy workout. While it may not be the most informative account on workout routines for us mere mortals, but it does provide beautiful shots of ballerina poses as well as some healthy diet options to help along the way. Who really want’s to see sweaty ripped people that aren’t Channing Tatum all over their Instagram anyway?

Best Hair Stylist: Christian Marc @christianmarc

If you’re like me, then you really appreciate the accounts that are not only informative and news worthy, but also artistic and creative. Christian Marc’s account is exactly that. He gives his followers behind the scenes shots of photo shoots for shows and photo spreads he styles without making it seem like he's reporting from behind stage.

Best Makeup Artist: Lottie @lotstar

I do not like following those makeup artists that just seem like their bragging they get to hang out with cool celebrities all the time and that their final red carpet product is flawless. Of course it’s flawless, you’re a professional celebrity makeup artist! Lottie gives us behind the scenes shots, her beautiful final product along with her cool fun life that isn't always filled with celebrities. It's relaxed yet professional at the same time.

Best Nail Art: Fleury Rose @fleuryrosenails

If you’re like me, you could look at nail art all day. But it wasn’t until I came across Fleury Rose’s Instagram account that I realized exactly how many different ways you can actually decorate your nails. I mean seriously, who knew?!

The Best Polish Hues for Medium Skin Tones

Last week I posted about the best nail polish shades for light skin tones (see post here) and of course, a bunch of you were tweeting me for more.  I told you I wouldn't leave you hanging! Here, Celebrity Manicurist, Jenna Hipp, suggests the best hues for medium skin tones.  Chanel "Provocation" - a mysterious deep raisin

Zoya in "Renee" - the perfect pink to show off your summer tan

Estee Lauder "Blue Blood" - for color that doesn't get in the way

The Best Manicures of the Met Gala from Punk Chaos to Couture

This years Met Gala revealed the exhibit, "PUNK: from Chaos to Couture," which allowed our favorite celebs to donned punk-inspired beauty and fashion looks and some of them really went all out.  Of course, Nicole Richie killed it with gray hair, a burgendy lip shade and a manicure to-die-for.  Other celebs like Blake Lively and Emmy Russom had nail art worth coveting.

How to Wear Gray Polish to A Summer Wedding

All of my friends are getting married!  Recently at one of their bridal showers I was asked what color manicure was appropriate to wear to a wedding?  The bride's mom was looking for a neutral and it got me thinking.  Of course we associate pale pinks and peaches with formal events, especially during the summer, but this year, I'll be wearing a new neutral on my tips for my friend's summer weddings and think you should consider it too. The shade: pale gray.  You can rock this one of two ways, with lavender or blue undertones. Of course choosing your shade is just like choosing the perfect red lipstick.  It depends on your skin tone and what you're wearing.  If you have a paler complexion, blue based grays are best, but opt for a lavender based gray if you have olive to dark skin.

Some of my favorite blue based grays are Dior Vernis in Gris Montaigne and Butter London Nail Lacquer in Billy No Mates.  For lavender based options, try Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Earl Gray.