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Pretty Spring Nail Polish Collections


We're completely in love with Jin Soon's Spring nail polish collection (above), but that's not all!   Ready to rid winter from your mani and embrace brights?  Here are some new collections that promise happy nails.

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We're excited about Orly, who recently partnered with Target to create a great gel-like polish at an affordable price. Our favorite shade for Spring is Celebrity Gossip, but it's available in 36 shades.

nail polishSally Hansen's new line includes 14 Insta-Dri polishes that give off high shine and dry in just 60 seconds. Perfect for the girl on the go!  Our favorite Shade? Quick Fire

nail polishJINsoon partnered with Tila March and focused her Spring collection on sophisticated brights.  No, not neonas opposed to neon.  Tila, this fun green, is our favorite new neutral.

nail polish

In partnership with Rebecca Minkoff, Essie, came out with their "Hide & Chic" collection that simply speaks to us!  Style Hunter is our award winner of the bunch.

The Chic Way to Wear White Nail Polish

Normally while riding the subway I get lost in my headphones and try to mind my own business, but recently I was struck by a manicure.  The girl sitting directly across from me had the most perfectly painted white tips and I found myself instantly envious thinking, white polish would never look that striking on my nails.  Eager to put the hot new spring beauty trend to the test, I visited the Jin Soon Nail Spa in the West Village and spoke with Jin, herself, about the do's and don'ts to wearing hot hue.

"White is very tricky and can be done horribly wrong," she commented.  "There are a few simple rules that come into play when wanting to wear it."

  1. Find the right formula.  Opaque whites can be gummy or streaky.  You need to find a formula that paints on smooth.  Two coats should do it.  It's really all trial and error.
  2. Shape your nails appropriately.  In order for the color to look modern, your nails should be short to medium in length with a rounded square shape.  Wearing white polish is a whole look, not just about the color.
  3. Apply precisely.  A professional job may be worth investing in unless you have a very steady hand.  Make sure it looks chic and not cheap by making sure the polish doesn't touch the cuticle.  

Jin Soon used her new "Kooki White" shade for fashion shows like Karen Walker. Inspired by the 1950's,"Kookie White" isn't stark white, like you may think.  It's a universally flattering shade of with blue and grey undertones, which even looked chic on my pale skin.  That's right, no tan needed. (Note: Kooki White will be available here soon).

The Best Polish Shades for Dark Skin

If you have a dark skin tone consider yourself lucky, because most polish hues look fanstastic on you.  Celebrity Manicurist, Jenna Hipp, recommends opting for berries, beigy nudes, mauves, reds, fuchsias and purples, which means you can wear almost anything.  Keep reading for some of her shade recommendations. RGB Cosmetics in Fuchsiaan exciting opaque metallic

Jin Soon in Audacityan elegant deep wine

Zoya in Austinea soft pale gold with a hint of metallic frost


The Best Polish Hues for Medium Skin Tones

Last week I posted about the best nail polish shades for light skin tones (see post here) and of course, a bunch of you were tweeting me for more.  I told you I wouldn't leave you hanging! Here, Celebrity Manicurist, Jenna Hipp, suggests the best hues for medium skin tones.  Chanel "Provocation" - a mysterious deep raisin

Zoya in "Renee" - the perfect pink to show off your summer tan

Estee Lauder "Blue Blood" - for color that doesn't get in the way

Your Summer Nail Polish Trend Guide for A Conversation Provoking Mani

The standout nail trend that took over last summer doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  I've become a master at (and slightly obsessed with) accentuating my nails with the proper shades, textures and even forms of art for every polish shade.  Here are some different tips, styles and colors to help you choose the perfect color combination all summer long.


Same Color, Different Shade: Altering your chosen color a few shades is one easy way to pick your accent shade. Let's say you decided to paint your nails baby blue, you could go for a lighter shade by choosing a turquois for your ring finger or if you want to take the darker route, cobalt blue makes for a good compliment.

Opposites Attract: Sometimes colors that are completely different work well together. For example light pink nails with orange, mint, or yellow on your ring finger are all great girly option for the summer months. When choosing completely opposite colors make sure they’re at least within the same shading meaning that if it’s a pale pink, it should be a pale orange. Or if it’s bright neon pink, a yellow should be just as bright.

Stick to the Basics: Classic colors like black, white or brown pair with literally anything. Nude nails especially make for a great color to pair with standout nails. Or if you want to go all white nails, add a pop with some subtle red nail art to it like this one.

Glitter: You can never go wrong by simply applying a layer of glitter over whichever color it is you chose. It adds a nice accent without distracting from the color you clearly favored.

The Best Polish Hues for Fair Skin

Recently, I interviewed manicurist to the stars, Jenna Hipp, and we got into chatting about      which polish shades really complimented different skin tones and which really popped.  Allow me to introduce you to the first in a series, the best hues for fair skin.  Of course, selfishly being that I'm the fairest around!  Now, you'll never have to face the endless wall of polish again.  Stay tuned for more! "Light nudes & pinks look best on fair skin, but bright colors like hot pinks, fuchsias, reds & berries all look great, because the really pop," comments Hipp. Her top picks:

Dior "Plaza"  a bright, poppy pink with blue undertones.

Chanel "Ballerina"a soft pretty sheer pink

Nars "Amchoor" gives even the palest skin the illusion of a slight tan

How to Wear Gray Polish to A Summer Wedding

All of my friends are getting married!  Recently at one of their bridal showers I was asked what color manicure was appropriate to wear to a wedding?  The bride's mom was looking for a neutral and it got me thinking.  Of course we associate pale pinks and peaches with formal events, especially during the summer, but this year, I'll be wearing a new neutral on my tips for my friend's summer weddings and think you should consider it too. The shade: pale gray.  You can rock this one of two ways, with lavender or blue undertones. Of course choosing your shade is just like choosing the perfect red lipstick.  It depends on your skin tone and what you're wearing.  If you have a paler complexion, blue based grays are best, but opt for a lavender based gray if you have olive to dark skin.

Some of my favorite blue based grays are Dior Vernis in Gris Montaigne and Butter London Nail Lacquer in Billy No Mates.  For lavender based options, try Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Earl Gray.



5 Favorites from Kiehl's, Laura Mercier, Jin Soon & More

Since I'm just kicking off this feature, it's so hard not to do this post daily.  Of course, when it comes to beauty loot I have a ton of favorites, but I promise to always bring you a well edited list of the best of the moment.  When I walk into a drugstore, Sephora or department store, I am beyond overwhelmed with options so I hope this helps you cut through the clutter.  If you're looking for something specific and need a product recommendation, you can always reach me on Facebook! Truth is you hands and your neck give away your age quicker than your face.  That's thanks to the extra TLC we give our faces in preventative and corrective measures.  I was super impressed when I was introduced to Avon's Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector + Hand Cream, because it has SPF 15 for protection, but also helps to even out your skin tone.  I use hand cream about eight times a day and now don't have to think about getting old lady fingers.

While Laura Mercier's Cavier Stick Eye Colour, $24was created to help enhance a smoky eye, I like using it in Rose Gold as a wash of faint color all over my lid.  It makes me look more alive and is perfect for daytime.  Believe it or not, it consists of a creamy texture that doesn't crease and stays put all day.  Promise.  Since it's creamy, if you plan on layering it, let it dry between coats or it will be sticky.

While I normally like wearing dark greys or almost black shades on my tips, I am completely obsessed with Jin Soon's new Nail Polish in Blue Iris, $18.  The electric blue pigment is so bold that it's a conversation starter all on its own.

Anything that's labeled "stress-minimizing" is worth a try.  My latest conquest has been the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator, $40.  Truth is, it helps minimize and prevent the effects that stress can have on your skin like fine lines, blotchiness and inflammation.  Yoga classes are still helpful.

While It Factor's new product Simply It, $21.50 cuts drying time, I'm kind of obsessed with it because it makes styling so much easier and let's just say that this bob isn't always willing to cooperate.  It literally does everything like adds shine, acts like a detangler, adds moisture and is a heat protectant.  I like it because it smells so clean.  I start my day using it and even use it mid day for touch ups as a style refresher.

5 Favorites from Dr. Brandt, Elizabeth Arden, Valentino & More

I've gone through countless amounts of packages full of new spring makeup collections, skincare lines and hair products and am still putting new products to the test.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've been enjoying sneak peeks of the latest and greatest with me.  Some products are worth raving about as they've either become staples, blew my mind or impacted my beauty regimen in some way greater than the others.  This will be a new feature on BSS, a round up of a few of my favorite things.  Allow me to introduce you, because after all, it's my job to help you cut through the clutter.   When I was first introduced to Make, I fell in love with the concept before the cosmetics.  As part of the We See Beauty Foundation, the company partners with local artists to create products and gives a portion of the revenue to help women's start ups in the US . Make Matte Finish Blush, $22.50 in Limoges Pink has been my go to pick-me-up for spring.  Always thinking of myself as a pinky/peach girl, I've been wearing NARS Blush in Orgasm since the beginning of time, but this is a nice change.

While it's not brand new, I just tried out Dr. Brandt's Laser A-Peel System, $78, when considering it for an upcoming segment.  A bit obsessed with peels, exfoliants and masks, I underestimated the power of the at-home peel that promised in-office-like results.  It's the first peel and mask that made parts of my face tingle in a long time.  One word: strong.  After leaving it on for five minutes, I rinsed and applied the soothing gel as instructed.  Immediately, it looked as if I had a facial with extractions.

Chip free polish for up to two weeks?  Sounds great, but I'm super anal about my gel manicures and will only go to one salon in NYC to get them, which happens to be all the way on the Upper East Side!  I began using Dior's Gel Top Coat, $24, which is a thick top coat that goes on like a gel, but dries normally.  My regular polish lasts about an extra two days (yay!), but stays shiny until my next mani, which is the real benefit.

Lots and lots and lots of lashes.  No lie.  I've tested about six mascaras in the past week and while I was impressed by a few of them for different reasons, Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara, $24, blew them all away.  I've been partial to Lancome's Hypnose Star  Mascara since it launched last fall, and I still love it, but this one gives a different look.  Full, separated, light-weight lashes.  Lots of them.

Finally a fragrance where the scent is just as delicate and precious as the bottle.  Valentino's Valentina Assoluto Eau De Parfum, $117 is one to covet.  It's a sensual fruity floral with a hint of vanilla.

Spring Beauty Trend: Pastel Manis

While the runways declared nude and shiny, metallic manicures must-haves for Spring, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Ginnifer Goodwin prove that pastel polishes are still all the rage.  The spring staple has been spotted on the A-listers on red carpets throughout awards season and they all chose ones that compliment their skin tones. Despite popular belief, all pastels aren’t created equal.  The shades to covet this season are creamy pastels, which look as if the pigment’s been mixed with a white base.  Think shades like creamsicle, mint, lavender and eggshell blue that pop (yes, even on fair complexions).  If you have an alabaster-like complexion like Ginnifer Goodwin, chose a cool shade like Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Green with Envy.  A peachy shade will compliment medium skin tones like Jessica Alba’s, opt for a polish like Butter London Kerfuffle Nail Lacquer in Opaque Pink Coral Crème.  Consider yourself lucky if you have a darker skin tone, as all pastel shades will look flattering.  One of our favorites: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Lav-endure.

6 Things to Add to Your Holiday Wish List from Celeb Manicurist, Deborah Lippmann

Normally when I see Deborah Lippmann, she's busy supervising her team of manicurists backstage during New York Fashion Week.  I always find her somewhere amongst the chaos to chat with her about the nail look for the show, trends for the upcoming season and pick her brain about what's next.  The celebrity manicurist and founder of her own nail and hand care line talks about not five, but six things you should add to your holiday wish list including jewels, affordable, yet chic clothing that I'm obsessed with and of course, a little pampering.

1. My new holiday shade Cleopatra In New York

I love the contrast of the black base with a pop of gold glitter.  I think that it’s very festive and modern, without being a traditional holiday shade.  Tip: One of the tendencies when using glitter polish is expecting the first coat to look the way that it looks in the bottle.  When seeing it in the bottle, the glitter may appear to be full-coverage, but the formula may go on sparse because it is meant to be layered.  Always apply thin coats because applying too much polish at once will cause it to chip easily.


2. Briolette Small Cluster Drop Earrings from Ten Thousand Things

These earrings are sweet and simple, which makes them an easy accessory to go from day to night.  They’re very delicate and feminine, and I love jewelry that’s versatile and can be worn for any occasion because they’re appropriate during the day and at night.  I always have jewelry on my list, and have to tell my husband that I’ll never be disappointed with jewelry because I can never have enough.

3. Trip to Cal-a-Vie Spa

This spa has is fairly easy to get to in the US, and the weather is gorgeous because it is located outside of San Diego, California.  You can work out all morning and have incredible spa treatments all afternoon, which to me is the best of both worlds.  I enjoy the intimate atmosphere – there aren’t too many people, and the last time that I went I came home thinner, relaxed and with a few more friends.  They have couples week, so you can go with the girls or you can also do something special as a couple and go with your significant other.

4. iPhone 5

I always want new gadgets.  As soon as something new comes out I want it, so this is definitely on my list!

5. Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Collection

This collection is so hip, cool and affordable.  I was out of the country when it launched, so I definitely have some pieces from the collection on my wish list.  There is a really cute, big puffy coat that I really want.  Everything in the collection is very trendy as Margiela is, with unexpected shapes.  It’s an affordable way to be super hip.

6. La Prairie Caviar Crystal Limited Edition Set

Sometimes we feel like we can’t spend the money on ourselves to get beautiful skincare products, so getting them as a gift is really great.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  The La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream feels incredible, and I love what it does for my skin.  It also looks beautiful in my medicine which is another bonus!



3 Hot Luxury Items for Less: Diamonds, Gold & The Most Expensive Perfume in the World

When it comes to shopping for clothes and home goods, I'm a Maxxinista, but there's nothing like scoring a gorgeous pair of Louboutins or an ornate Alexis Bittar cocktail ring at sample sales.  There's something to be said about luxury.  We all want it, but have to be strategic in the ways we obtain it.  Retailers are now finding ways to bring their luxe items to the masses and I, for one, couldn't be happier.  Here are some covetable beauty buys that you may rethink purchasing. Perfume

Deemed the most expensive perfume in the world, Clive Christian No. 1 will have you smelling close to a million dollars.  The original retails for $865, but it's made with the rarest ingredients, of course.  This fall, V Perfumes was launched for half the price at $405.  Not bad considering.  The scent contains notes of honey and sandalwood on top of jasmine, orange blossom, rose and chamomile.


How much would you actually spend on your nails?  When it comes to nail art some go to extremes.  Take Kelly Osbourne for example.  At this year's Emmy's she flaunted a $250K black diamond manicure by the jeweler, Azature.  The most expensive nail polish in the world has 267 carats of diamonds in it.  What happened to the diamonds when she took the polish off?  Crazy!  The company created a bottle of the sparkle for only $25 so you can DIY.

Gold Accents

This fall, ornate gold accents are in.  Whether it be in head pieces, makeup or jewelry.  A Dior cuff would run you about $500, but the brand just came out with these Golden Tattoos made out of 24K gold leafing.  From charms and rings to cuffs, the delicate tattoo jewelry is a true form of luxe for less, but less meaning $120.  Would you spend that much on a tattoo just to have something Dior?

New Ice Cream Study Is Making Me Enjoy Mint Chip in A New Way and You May Thank Me

One of my guiltiest pleasures is ice cream.  Are you with me?  I have to have it several times a week (having a BF who loves it just as much doesn't help either).  Gross? Probably, but I work it off!  My ice cream addiction now makes sense thanks to a recent study that compares your brain on ice cream to your brain on drugs.  I'm not kidding.  From now on I'm going to "Just Say No" to another scoop and found a new solution... check out the video below.  It just may help you too!  

Play the Qwiki: Mint Chocolate Chip Manicure, 0 Calories!

Nail Trend: Introducing The New Pastel

One of the biggest trends this Spring is donning pastel tips, but pastel has undergone a makeover.  The crop of pastels I'm falling in love with this season are much more sophisticated than those of Cadbury Egg Minis (which after this weekend, I should be in rehab for).  From pistachio and cotton candy to lilac, lemon and eggshell blue, I just can't get enough and that's rare for a girl who always wears dark colors. When I received the Spring 2012 Dolce & Gabbana collection in the mail I flipped over the polishes.  Of course, the cosmetics are gorgeous, but these lacquers were my first introduction into the new pastel.  They're milky pastels and after applying, it looks as if you painted a white coat of polish underneath the pastel shade to make it pop.

The first thing that caught my attention about Rococo Nail Apparel's Spring 2012 collection was the packaging.  It's special and I think there's nothing better than getting a beautifully packaged set of beauty products.  Like the Dolce & Gabbana shades, the pastels are also creamy.

While these polishes may be a bit pricey, it's nice to treat yourself once in a while.  Of course, there are other options!  Here are some of my other favorite pastels by Essie and OPI that you can find in your local nail salon and will keep you on trend: Essie in Mint Candy Apple, Essie in Play Date, OPI in Do You Lilac It and OPI in Pink Friday.

Avril Lavigne Designs A Rockstar Collection for Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Last night I attended a Sally Hansen press event at a suite at the Crosby St. Hotel in Soho to celebrate their partnership with Avril Lavigne.  We were all gathered around a table filled with new designs from Avril's Salon Effects Collection when the songstress, who looked no older than 13, walked in and hopped into a chair. She looked... very Avril, with long straight hair, raccoon black liner, a little biker leather jacket, black leggings and pair of black Converse sneakers with dirty white laces that were accented by white socks with little pink hearts on them.

"A lady came in to give me a manicure (with her Sally Hansen Salon Effects) and I just asked her if I could do it myself, because I can do it so much quicker," Lavigne explained as soon as she walked in.

Showing off her DIY mani, a sparkly pink polish with skull pattern, she pointed out her favorites in her 12 piece collection, which are "Fur-ocious Vocals," a leopard print and "You're A Star," a blue star pattern.

I'm a huge fan of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  If you haven't tried them yet I encourage it.  They're easy to apply and last about ten days.  Here's a post from the first time I applied them.  Lavigne says she does them on the plane and in the studio.  I do them at home and have even cheated and brought them to my manicurist!  This collection reflects her personality so if you're into grungy rock and roll, these are right up you're alley!

Holiday Gift Guide: Urban Decay Holiday Nail Kit & Book of Shadows

Last week I received a box off all of Urban Decay's holiday offerings and felt like a kid in a candy store.  Before I knew it, my hand was colored in different shades from their shadow pencils, my other hands had five different shades of polish on it and I was plugged in learning how to use their newest version of the Book of Shadows.  If I was this excited, then I know any girl on your list would love something from Urban Decay this season. As soon as I looked at this year's edition of the Book of Shadows, $64 my eyes widened and I literally said, "Wow" out loud to myself.  It includes 16 of their best shadows, a primer (the best primer ever), mascara and liquid liner but the technology behind it is insane.  It comes with five downloadable how-to videos that you can scan into your iPhone or a camera with a web browser and a speaker. Very clever.

Another one of my favorites is the Holiday Nail Kit, $28.  It comes with six mini shades that are truly the perfect nail polish size.  Who uses a full bottle of nail polish anyway? The colors are dynamic and perfect for the season.  My favorite – Wrecked, a deep purple.

Holiday Gift Guide: Juicy Couture & Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set

Whether she's your teenage sister living in the velour suits or your best friend who appreciates the feminine, flirty style of the cocktail dresses, if you're shopping for a Juicy girl, the Juicy Couture + Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set makes a fun and affordable gift. This year, Juicy partnered with Celebrity Manicurist, Deborah Lippman, who primps the tips of A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker to create three metallic hues for the Juicy girl.

It includes "Believe" (silver), "Here Comes the Queen" (sparkly gold) and "Jewel in the Crown" (peweter).  I really like the gold as I feel the holiday season is one of the only times I can get away with wearing tons of glitter on my nails without looking like a 12 year old.  The three polishes have a jewel on the top of the brush and come in an adorably chic pink gift box.

You can find them at for $48.

Tom Ford Launches Nail Polish and I'm Obsessed

When Tom Ford first came out with a $48 magic bullet, lipstick of course, despite the price woman ran to the counter.   Now he's coming out with a nail polish collection – I die!  The catch, each luxe lacquer is a whopping $30. (Yes, even more expensive than the Chanel in Graphite you've been trying to convince yourself you don't need – but of course you do!) The polishes are part of Ford's fall beauty collection, which will be available on November 1st at Bergdorfs, but you can pre-order now and I'd get on that.  My faves include Bordeaux Lust (a deep and sexy almost black red), Carnal Red (true red), Plum Noir (deep purple), and Mink Brulee (a dark nude).

Unfortunately for my wallet, but fortunately for my nails, these are another must have and I cannot wait for this mani!


I Got A Mani with Essie Weingarten of Essie Cosmetics

This morning I had the opportunity to get a mani and sip a mimosa with none other than Essie Weingarten, (yes, the Essie herself who founded the mass polish line you're probably wearing on your fingers right now) at an event for Glamour magazine at Tenoverten in Tribeca.  We talked about her fave polishes, where she gets her weekly manis and how she comes up with all of those names! Her new winter collection, Bling It On, has a color called "Size Matters," and when asked about where the name came from Essie commented, "I don't know where your head is, but I was thinking about diamonds!"  When naming her polishes, sometimes she starts with the name of the collection in general and creates names for the individual polishes afterwards, but sometimes she'll come up with a great polish name and develop a whole collection around it. In this case, had the theme in mind first.

When we were discussing our favorite Essie colors of all times, (mine being Wicked obvi), she said she doesn't have a favorite color, but one holds a special place in her heart because of what it did for the line – Ballet Slippers.  Once she received a letter on proper stationary from the Queen of England herself requesting to purchase the polish.  Then in The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep (Anna Wintour) claims, "If you work at Vogue you must paint your nails with one coat Ballet Slippers and one coat Marshmallow."  The attention that one shade continues to draw from around the world helps to make Essie polishes a constant go-to.

Finally, I had to know where the Queen of Nail Lacquers gets her nails done!  The answer – Samuel Shriqui Salon on the Upper East Side.  Word has it even Julia Roberts goes there!  I'm going to have to pay a visit!

Essie's New Winter Collection: Bling It On

Allow me to introduce Bling It On by Essie.  In the beginning of October you'll be seeing these jewel toned shades (think rubies, emeralds and sapphires) popping up at your favorite nail salon.  Yes ladies, another choice will be added to your important weekly decision! Shades include: Cocktail Bling (pale gray), Bobbing For Baubles (deep blue), Size Matters (ruby red), Brooch The Subject (cashmere), School of Hard Rocks (deep, bright green and my favorite) and Bangle Jangle (lavender).

I'm typically not the girl who chooses a color from the latest collections as an almost black like Essie's Luxedo or reddish tinged black like Wicked are two of my go-to's, but I am anxious to start wearing more fun holiday inspired shades with the new season.