Insta-Glam: Models to Follow During NYFW


New York Fashion Week is literally the most important time of the year.  I don't care what anyone says, there is nothing more incredible then watching the Internet practically break, because of all of the footage surfacing from the most elite runway shows around the world. We've rounded up the 8 hottest models who's instagram handles you should follow for insider access that will have you feeling like you're in the big tent sitting next to Anna Wintour herself throughout all of NYFW.


Karlie Kloss, Instagram: @karliekloss

A definite fan fav, Karlie is known for her awesome personality and wacky photos. Follow her as she undoubtedly kills it on the runways for some of the biggest designers in the world.


Cocoa Rocha, Instagram: @CocoRocha

Coco's lustworthy Insta is riddled with photos designed to incite the most serious case of Wanderlust by showing the beauty in her surroundings (even if her surroundings are next to a camel or something equally as ridiculous). Her insider photos of NYFW are guaranteed to be visually stunning, like peeking behind the scenes of a Vogue cover shoot.

CaraCara Delevigne, Instagram: @caradelevigne

A mix between high fashion shots and personal insider photos, Cara will definitely be reporting on NYFW with a high-brow twist...and of course, a side of bacon.


Joan Smalls, Instagram: @joansmalls

Joan Smalls is sure to slay this year at NYFW. Her incredible cheekbones make her Instagram totally gorg, follow her for high fashion shots with a pinch of her offbeat humor sprinkled in.

MirandaMiranda Kerr, Instagram @mirandakerr

This VS Angel is looking to break the mold by joining the ranks of the NYFW runways. Keep an eye out for her infectious smile and unmistakable behind-the-scenes selfie guaranteed to have you feeling like you're part of the action.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 6.16.43 PMJourdan Dunn, Instagram @officialJDunn

Known for being best pals with fellow runway queen Cara Delevigne, these two often cameo on each other's Insta's while party-hopping. Keep an eye out for her taking the runway by storm with the occasional shot of her adorable son mixed in!

GigiGigi Hadid, Instagram @GigiHadid

The daughter of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Yolanda, this up-and-comer is sure to appear a few times at NYFW. Having walked last season, Gigi is sure to stun with her striking features and high-fashion Insta shots.

Georgia Georgia May Jagger, Instagram @GeorgiaMayJagger

No stranger to the catwalk, Georgia walked the London Olympics runway without breaking a sweat. She's sure to make an appearance this season but only her Insta will give us the insider shots we really want...along with the occasional adorable animal cameo of course!



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The Glamour of the Fashion 2.0 Awards

Last night I had the honor to be a presenter at the Fashion 2.0 Awards.  Held at Merkin Concert Hall in NYC and hosted by Robert Verdi, I along with Coco Rocha, Jeannie Mai and members of the Style Coalition, celebrated the fashion industries most innovative of the year. With a keynote by Zac Posen, feeling sassy in a DKNY tutu it was a great celebration. Allow me once again to present the winners...

Best Twitter: Marc Jacobs Best Facebook: Asos Best Instagram: Marc Jacobs Best Pinterest: Nordstrom Best E-Commerce Experience: Net-a-Porter Best Online Video: Chanel Best Online Campaign: DKNYdraft by DKNY Best Fashion Startup: Acustom Apparel Best Wearable Tech: Nike Fuel Band Top Innovator: Asos

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Exclusive: Backstage Beauty at Alice & Olivia

This season, the Alice & Olivia presentation was held at the McKittrick Hotel and the backstage space was so narrow that models, Stila makeup artists, Tresemme hairstyles and Essie manicurists were squished into tiny diagonal spaces around a long, rectangular table trying to get ready without getting aggravated.  Try to be the only beauty blogger who had access, trying not to get in the way.  Like a snake, I slithered in and out of their chairs and got the scoop.  The lip look alone was worth the craze.

This was the fourth season Sara Lucero for Stila took the lead on the makeup for Alice & Olivia.  Heavy liner was complimented by false lashes, the skin was left radiant skin with a youthful, pinkish glow on the cheeks and the lips were the focus.  "Depending on what the girls were wearing, they had different lip looks," Lucero stated.  One was to resemble a "forbidden poison apple," which was a layering of candy apple like colors from Stila including a mix of Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery and Merlot Vinyl, topped off by Lip Glaze in Cranberry, which acted like high shine top coat for your nails.  The other was a super glossy opaque nude that, "knocked out their natural lip tone and gave it coverage."  The shade: Banana Lip Glaze, which is a golden shimmer.

Matthew Curtis of Tresemme lead his team to create, "big, crazy brushed out curls." First he sprayed Tresemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray, because the heat from the curling iron works with the alcohol to contract the hair, making it hold.  Using  1" tongs, he curled all the way up to the root, but left about 1" from the root straight. The inspiration was vampish victorian, dark but feminine. Left pin curled until the models were dressed, he then teased the hair back and brushed out the curls.  To create a "fantasy-like lift," before he finished it off with hairspray, he used hair nets around the bottom of the hair to lift the curls up and sprayed.

Essie manicurist, Miss Pop applied two coats of Essie polish in Licorice and created small dots with Good as Gold.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Herve Leger NYFW Beauty

The invite to cover Max Azria's Herve Leger show is always an honor as his infamous bandage dresses always catch my attention, but this season an even more special invite landed in my inbox – the opportunity to cover the hair and makeup test the day before the show. RSVP: Yes.  Here are details on my exclusive preview of what the models hair, makeup and nails will look like.  PS: The show is tomorrow afternoon.

Prior to today, the glam squad met with Lubov Azria, the Chief Creative Officer of Max Azria to give direction for look and show off the Fall 2014 collection.  According to Lead Bumble & Bumble Stylist, Laurent Philippon, words like "bold," "cyber," "high tech" and "robotic" kept coming up.  There were two models at the test and I watched as he pulled their hair into high, tight ponytails and added streaks of "avatar blue" extensions into them starting at the root.  A look that later, wasn't approved by Azria.

Tomorrow, the girls are expected to walk with the same equestrian style ponytail, but the colored pieces of blue and a reddish coral will be coming in from the bottom as if they were an extension of their necklines.  "This way the audience can only see the color when the model turns, making it a more subtle statement," explains Philippon.

The eyes were the makeup look.  "I applied everything n a diagonal so you get the feeling of digital speed and movement," comments Val Garland, the lead makeup artist for Temptu.  The whole look was really emulated through the eyeliner, which Garland used a cream liner to create the graphic shape and then set it with Temptu's paint.  Her tip:  Don't move for 15 seconds after applying eyeliner to ensure it stays crisp like "a tick."  Her look was instantly approved.

Essie's Lead Manicurist, Julie Kandalec gave Azria a variety of designs to choose from playing off of the the lines in a bandage dress.  "She wanted to go in a blush direction to pick up the bare shade in the collection," she commented.  Tomorrow, all of the models will be wearing the same shade, Lady Like, but maybe not the same nail.


Athleta: Wallet Friendly Work Out Gear

One way I motivate myself to workout is to wear cute clothes to class, obvi.  You with me? Last night I hosted the Athleta store opening party in the Flatiron area of NYC and couldn't have been more impressed with their new line, shopping experience and of course, the price points (it's Gap's fitness brand).

The store was pristine.  White walls and directional spotlights hanging from the ceiling allowed the various collections – categorized by performance type and color – to take center stage.  There's even a whole wall dedicated to leggings that range from $64-$98.

In the middle of the party, New York's finest fitness instructors from Equinox, Barre, SoulCycle and other coveted classes preformed in a fashion show debuting the new collection. Let's just say fitness fashion shows are a lot more fun than anything I've ever seen (picture jumps, squats and twirls down the runway).  As an Athleta fan and fitness fanatic, it was such a fun event to be a part of.  Check out the new store next time you're nearby or visit to preview the collection.

Athleta is at 126 Fifth Ave. NYC

*This is a sponsored post, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Love, Life and Growing Pains: from A True New Yorker in True Love

Have you ever read The Secret? I live by it.  It's based on the law of attraction.  If you truly believe in something and exude the right energy, you can make it happen.  Read it.  I promise it'll change your life.  Over the past eight years, I've had five apartments, five roommates and the time of my life living year by year in New York City.  My whole career developed before my eyes thanks to the laws of The Secret, dedication and the relationships I've formed with the wonderful people of the beauty industry.  Enter a new chapter...

My story, as I knew it, and as you knew it, too, was about the writer who lived in NYC.  I didn't just live in NYC, I believe that the energy and culture of NYC keeps me alive.  I know, very Carrie Bradshaw, but it's real.  Only unlike Carrie, mine includes a real love.  No Mr. Big bullshit.

As Ms. Bradshaw said herself, "I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love."  I found it.  The real, can't-live-without-each-other type.  With love comes marriage and with marriage comes compromise.  I'm learning that the art of compromise is to continue to put each other first without losing yourself along the way.

So I'm excited to announce that we're Jersey bound. Getting married next June, we're both setting up shop in Hoboken (for a little while at least).  Of course, I'll be in NYC for work daily for events, meetings and shoots, as I can't live without it.  I like to consider NYC my first real love, and even though we're just hopping right across the water it's an adjustment.  But I'm excited to celebrate what's next...

My last week living in NYC (for now) was appropriately spent with the DKNY team.  I couldn't think of a better way and can't wait to show you what we worked on.  Here's a sneak peek at behind the scenes of our latest project.  Yes, so New York... so me.

Oscars Best Dressed: Hair, Makeup & Gowns

The Oscar red carpet was flooded with award worthy deep center parts, romantic updos and stunning eye makeup.  The award for 'Best Dressed' isn't taken lightly as it includes hair and makeup, because let's be honest, it's the total package that lands you on that list.  Here are my picks and rules for nailing it. Rule 1: Have the Perfect Recipe

A good glam squad knows how to collaborate to put a look together.  Think about it, the hair, makeup and dress can't all be elaborate.  Sometimes one or two of them need to sit back and allow the other to take center stage.  Other times, they all work cohesively like a perfectly blended cocktail.  

Rule Two: Rock Confidence

You've probably heard me or someone else say this over and over, but it's true.  Confidence is your best accessory.  Most celebrities nail the confidence factor no matter how uncomfortable their heels are to walk in or what the weather is like outside and most opt for sleeveless styles. According to a Dove survey, 61% of women, ages 18-35, feel sexy and feminine when going sleeveless. 

Jennifer Lawrence


5 Things to Add to Your Holiday Wish List from NYC Spa Owner, Jamie Ahn

Recently I wrote about my favorite places to go for massages, the Townhouse Spa.  Here, the Founder of the Townhouse and Acqua Beauty Bar in NYC, Jamie Ahn discusses her top five items to add to your holiday wish list and it's all beauty treatments and covetable pieces of fashion.  I have to say, we really do have the same sense of style.  I have a feeling you'll be salivating over at least a few things on here as well.  Enjoy! 1. Luzern Force De Vie Luxe Creme

It brings a glow to tired skin, diminishes signs of lines and wrinkles, promotes fresh cell growth, and deep hydrates. Excellent for those wanting a combination of deep moisture and powerful anti-aging actives.

2.  Michael Kors Shearling Boots

3.  Renove Royal Perfect Collagen Mask

It contains CO Q10 & Royal Jelly which provides firmness and elasticity to help make the skin look more revitalized and lifted (exclusive to Townhouse Spa).

4.  Hermes Scarf

5.  Gift Certificate to Townhouse Spa for a Gel Manicure

Gel manicures don't chip and keep a glossy shine, so they're perfect for  holiday party addition to a Aroma Paraffin Hand Treatment, which is super moisturizing.

Alessandra Ambrosio Talks French Kiss Lips & the Million Dollar Bra Backstage the VS Fashion Show

After waiting for makeup artist, Tom Pecheux to finish Alessandra's makeup, I nabbed the first interview with the power duo! This is my third year covering backstage for Victoria's Secret and each time I try to bring you something new. This, by far, is a fun clip. Stay tuned as there's much more to come!

Spotting Fall Street Style on Better TV

During my latest Better TV segment I got to chat with Audra Lowe about street style and beauty trends.  While I'm not a street style photographer or blogger, I love street style.  It's about celebrating who you are and your own style, which goes beyond fashion.  I have to call out my BFF, Michele, who modeled for me in this segment wearing black and white prints. Check it out and meet my BFF!

Life Outside the Tents as A NYFW VIP: Lounges, Swag Suites & Dinner Parties

When you think of Fashion Week you may think of the backstage scene that I've been tweeting about all week, or the runway shows themselves, but truth is, there's so much more when you're a NYFW VIP.  Since all editors, bloggers and influencers end up in NYC for the shows with the same goals, brands take full advantage and host dinner parties, pampering lounges and after parties all for a little face time.  Here's some of my fashion week extracurriculars... I know, it looks like a lot of work (wink).

Birchbox Lounge

Set up conveniently across from Milk Studios where a variety of shows took place this season, I popped in before attending Christian Siriano near by on Saturday.  First things first, I got down to business by creating my own Birchbox.  Next, I indulged in a little pampering with a mani (shade: Color Club in Status Update), grabbed a snack from WichCraft and caught up with some friends.

Style Coalition Lounge

I popped in the Style Coalition Lounge at the Empire Hotel before going backstage to Zac Posen on Sunday night to catch up with my friend Yuli, who runs the organization. They partnered with Microsoft and my fave stylist, Ted Gibson.  The best part?  It was exclusive so there weren't a thousand people running around and it really was a break from the hustle and bustle.  While there, I had my hair touched up by Ted Gibson's stylists and left looking glam!

Dinner with NARS

Each season NARS rents out parts of restaurants in the West Village and throws a dinner party.  This is what I was most excited for this season.  Between all the running around and waving hello to friends backstage I got to catch up with my media friends over wine, cheese plates and chocolate covered strawberries in the garden of Palma.

Allure Beauty Lounge

After going backstage to interview Reem Acra before her show (see post here), I headed to the Empire Hotel to stop by a few suites.  Allure had SkinMedica preforming facials, Maybelline giving makeup touch ups and manis and a whole fragrance bar set up with samples from different brands along with Sephora pulled up on iPads for easy purchasing.  Smart.  I would have loved a SkinMedica facial, but my makeup was set for the day and I didn't have the time.

Clarins Lounge

The brand just launched their Beauty Flash Blog so I was eager to see my PR friends and learn more about it.  The Courtin-Clarins girls were there (the granddaughters of the founder of Clarins) so I filmed a video interview with them, which will be live soon!  I'm so glad they're getting involved with the brand.  They're super chic and approchable.  Other editors were getting makeup touch ups and mini massages in the suite as well.

Bloggers Share the Craziest Things That Happened During NY Fashion Week

It's the first day of NYFW and I've been covering backstage since the spring of 2006, which makes this my 13th season attending.  Woah!  That's crazy!  Besides doing our jobs to bring you the news from backstage and front row, my friends and I have experienced some pretty crazy things through out the years.  Here are our top "OMG" moments: I'll kick it off with a story from when I worked at Cosmopolitan magazine.  I was attending the Zac Posen show for the first time.  Zac Posen, my favorite designer.  Being that he's an investor in the line, Diddy (yes, as in Sean Combs) was sitting in the front row.  I couldn't believe that 1. I was at a Zac Posen fashion show at 22 years old and 2. I was there with Diddy. I was obsessed with him.  So what did I do?  I obviously let my 22-year-old self get the best of me and followed Diddy backstage after the show.  I did not belong there!  Zac and friends were popping champagne so I decided to act like I belonged and joined in!  OMG.  I got a pic with my main man, Diddy, who at the time was there with Kim Porter (and preggers w his twins).  Post show I watched him get into his Rolls Royce and allow Kim walk in the rain pregnant to hail a cab.  I lost all respect!

The craziest thing I ever experienced during NYFW would definitely be when I saw L.A.M.B - and it was Gwen Stefani's very first show.  I've been obsessed with all things Gwen since I was 12 years old and getting to see her debut collection at Bryant Park AND having a reserved seat (with my name and all! LOL) was a top 20 highlight of my life. - Jamie Stone,

The craziest thing I've experienced was the party to celebrate Kim Kardashian's spot as beauty editor at OK magazine (it was a short-lived gig). It was a major affair with a ton of beauty execs, editors and bloggers and totally over-the-top, Kim-style. Unfortunately it was at that event that we learned Patrick Swayze passed away, losing his years-long battle with cancer. But the DJ played an amazing line-up of tribute songs to the fallen star including Time Of My Life and everyone celebrated a little Johnny Castle moment in his honor. And no one was in a corner, obviously. - Amber Katz,

I had a pretty typical jam-packed day of 5 shows, an event and somehow decided to post an exclusive editorial during all of this as well, which meant that I had to schedule a phone interview in the midst of the chaos. So, my event obviously ran an hour late and I had missed the phone interview call. I went running down the street to hail a cab (with a coffee in one hand, mind you) jump in and interview a very well-known makeup artist with a cup of coffee between my legs during the most nauseating cab ride I've ever been in while scribbling notes on the back of press sheets from shows and partially on my bare legs. In that moment I realized that fashion week had won. - Rachel Adler,

Even though it was only the first week of my senior year at Barnard, since I was Fashion Assistant at FHM, I somehow managed to score a 2nd row invite to my very first show: Betsey Johnson. As you can imagine, little 21-year-old me was nearly passing out from excitement. (It was one of my first celebrity sightings, too: Kimora Lee Simmons, in all her giantess glory! Seriously, in heels, she's like 7 feet tall.) The dresses were candy-colored tutu confections and the champagne was especially delicious since I'd just turned legal. The memory is bittersweet, however, because for me that show represents a New York City that no longer exists. The location? Tavern on the Green. The date? September 10, 2001. - Nadine Jolie,

I've always been a huge fan of Herve Leger. The bandage style sucks you in and creates curves you never even knew you had! So, I was beyond thrilled when I had the chance to borrow an outfit to wear to Herve Leger's Fall 2012 show. I chose a black and blue dress with neon green piping. When I walked into Lincoln Center I felt a little self-conscious. As much as I adored the dress it was certainly a statement for a daytime show. But backstage I ran into designer Max Azria. He commented on how he loved the color and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was a major OMG moment. I took my seat smiling from ear to ear. - Sydne Summer,

All kinds of craziness has happened over the years, but the top memorable was the time I covered my first season as a beauty intern at Women's Wear Daily. I was super green around the ears and was told to do backstage beauty interviews. So exciting! I interviewed this one amazing makeup artist who have me all kinds of great quotes and tips. Unsure of her name, I asked her to spell it for verification purposes. She stopped what she was doing, asked me if I was serious, and then grabbed my notebook. In big huge letters she wrote "PAT MCGRATH." I died. Luckily she laughed it off and told me that I had a lot more learning to do if I was going to make it in the industry. Boy was she right! (And yes I still have that piece of paper w/her name on it lol.) - Andrea Arterbery,

Years ago, the very first season I did *anything* remotely fashion week, during the week I went to Robert Verdi's lounge - at a time in history I didn't even know who he was! One of the brands that was sponsoring it that season had done a stupid early  breakfast (and we know how well I handle schlepping from Brooklyn for early AM things) - and I was pre-coffee and somewhat drowsy as I dazedly walked out of the elevator, saw some people I knew on the inside and started to excitedly wave - and then walked FACE FIRST into his glass doors (not realizing there were doors there at all!) - Patrick and Ashley (who at that time I didnt' even know) saw, and had looks of abstract horror on their face as their rushed to open the door (which, was after all, A DOOR0, and let me in, and I had the most unattractive bloody nose EVER - right in the middle of the lounge's kitchen area. Sexy. They were all SUPER nice about it (though I was a complete asshole). - Aly Walansky,


My Intern Scores an Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Ronson, Her First Hand Experience

Young and inexperienced, I was a nervous wreck getting ready to meet Charlotte Ronson at the Nivea "Kiss of Style Cap Contest" VIP Preview. Even though it was not the first event I attended on behalf of Jeannine, I was still unsure of how I would handle the extra responsibilities of interviewing a fashion designer for BeautySweetSpot readers. Luckily, Ronson made it easy and we discussed her fave beauty products, a fun additive to her upcoming fashion show and guiltiest pleasure.

The intimate setting itself made the whole process less intimidating. After just a brief introduction from Charlotte Ronson about the Kiss of Style Cap Contest that debuts on August 1st, the few attendees were left to create their own cap design and spin the wheel to win one of Ronson's rompers from her Fall 2012 collection.  After creating my yellow and purple cap, I won the romper!   It was then time to put my nerves aside and do what I was there to do. I came to find that all the nerves were for nothing when Ronson was more then happy to answer a few questions from the obvious newbie.  So here you go BeautySweetSpot readers!

What does your role and partnership with Nivea include?

I had the chance to design my own cap for their kiss moisturizer which is fun, and I get to judge the competition for someone's own personal design to actually be seen in stores.

What are some beauty products you can't live without? 

I always have my Perfect Kiss Lip Glosses that I make with Sephora. I like the color Annabelle, which has a red tint to it, and Eleanore which is more of the natural pink gloss that I always have in my bag. As well as Nivea underneath the gloss to keep my lips moist and protected from the sun, air-conditioning and anything else. It is good to keep them healthy.

What can we expect to see from you at NYFW?

Well, September 7th is my runway show. Hopefully, you'll see a great collection. There will be bags in the collection this time. I am also working on collections with Sephora and JCPenny.

Out of everything that you do with your career and success, what is your favorite thing that you do?

Just the the design process in general, when I am able to get to it.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Melted cheese. Any kind of cheese. Just when cheese is melted on top of anything, I am a fan. Fries, mozzarella sticks. Anything!

Lunch with Victoria's Secret Models, Erin Heatherton Spills Her Beauty Must Haves & Her Fitness Struggle

Picture this: a perfect spring day in NYC and the sun is shining in through the glass roof of Imperial No. Nine, the restaurant off the lobby of the Mondrian Soho onto different shades of pink roses that lined the long wooden table.  What looked like a chic bridal shower was just another beauty event, only this time I found myself at a garden themed luncheon for Victoria's Secret with three models: Lindsay Ellingson, Erin Heatherton (who I grabbed to chat) and Toni Garrn. 

The beginning of the event we were having cocktails and mingling when I asked Erin if I could ask her a few questions about the new fragrance, Love is Heavenly, and she pulled me over to the bar so we could talk in private.  After noticing her six inch Louboutin's I realized she probably needed to sit down and scored an exclusive, really raw interview.

"It's parallel to this kind of day we're having, a beautiful spring day," Heatherton explained when I asked her how she'd describe the scent.  "Optomistic and feminine, like being in love.  You know, the a quiet, playful happiness you have inside."

I couldn't agree more.  As a fan of Heavenly, which I used to exclusively wear when I was younger, Love is Heavenly is just as light with a citrus twist.  An uplifting daytime fragrance available in Eau de Parfum, Body Mist (my fave), Lotion and Moisture Cream.

As for other beauty must haves, she credits her great skin to Dr. Colbert, who's her go-to derm and loves his skincare.  "I like to have fresh, glowing skin and love cheek stain," she says.  "Besides that I use tinted lip balm and a lash curler."  After long flights or when she feels stressed to prevent pimples she rotates between Ren and the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Face Masks.  I've never tried either and can't wait!

"For a while when I was doing this job I looked right, but didn't feel good," she confesses.  "I ran, but it was a chore, until I started noticing results."  Growing up Heatherton was an athlete and never had to work to be in shape, when she hit her 20's, things changed.  "Now I put in hours sweating and boxing and it adds to my confidence at the end of the day.  Sometimes you don't want to be photographed if you don't feel right."


3 Hot Designers Collaborating with Beauty Brands Right Now

For the past six years I've been attending launch events in the beauty industry and normally the stars of event are makeup artists, hairstylists or celebrity spokespeople.  While that still stands true today, I'm finding myself shaking hands with top fashion designers at beauty events more often than not.  Hey, I don't mind!  Here are some of my favorite fashion and beauty collaborations right now. Jason Wu collaborated with Nest fragrances to launch a candle called "Orchid Rain" inspired by naturally, his Spring 2012 collection.  The $48 candle has notes of Nashi pear, orchid, pomegranate, goji berri, blonde birchwood, pink pepper, coconut and leather.  It smells more delish than it looks.

*This will be available in mid April at Bergdorf Goodman.

Emilio Pucci pulled a print from the archives called "Winter Capri" to compliment the Guerlain Terra Azzurra Collection for Summer 2012, which draws inspiration from the summertime Italian Riviera.  I've always loved Guerlain's Meteorites and their Meteorites Perles D'Azur, $58 are definitely the must-have in the collection.  They even out your skin tan and give your skin a beautiful glow.  The Pucci packaging they come in is an added bonus.

*This will be available in May at Sephora.

Thakoon created a limited edition polish collection for Nars cosmetics with six colors that are found in Indian spice markets pulled from his Spring 2012 collection.  Every color is a must have!  Shades include: Anardana (Azalea pink), Ratin Jot(Orchid purple), Amchoor (Bright yellow), Kutki (Powder blue), Koliary (Cyan blue) and Lal Mirchi (Mandarin red).

*They'll be available on May 1st for $18 each at

Rose McGowan Dishes on Her Chaka Khan Girl Crush Backstage Heart Truth

She's real cute in person (just like she was in Charmed) and has a spunky personality.  You can definitely tell she's a fan of Botox, but you can't blame her.  Right?  Backstage at the Heart Truth Red Dress Show, Rose McGowan ran around like a firecracker in a Roberto Cavalli gown fixing her hair, dusting on bronzer and stopped for a second to chat while being stalked by a cray papparazzi.  I caught it on video.  Take a peek... 

P&G Launches StyleUnited, Get Involved

As a freelance writer my week consists of meetings and events almost every day, but I always try to reserve one day just for writing.  Of course if I sit in my apartment or at a local coffee shop (my favorite 71 Irving) I often catch myself browsing the web and checking out other sites that inspire me or showcase new technology.  A day with my computer is priceless.  Recently during one of those days, I stumbled upon a new site called StyleUnited, which has pretty cool technology any the beauty guru. As the first personalized site owned by P&G that gives beauty and fashion consultations, product reviews and industry news, StyleUnited is on top of its game.  When you log on you can build a profile in their Style 360 and you'll receive beauty and style recommendations that cater to your personality and needs.

My favorite feature is their webcam consultations.  If you're in a beauty rut or having a fashion dilemma, you can have a live, one-on-one meeting with one of their experts.  It's like having an honest roommate around you 24/7 (the kind you can't get sick of).  Check it out.

*This is a sponsored post.