Post Workout Skincare

workout-skincareShower.  That was the only thing I could think about as I left Barry's Bootcamp a sweaty mess with a beat red face.  Feel me?  But did you know that there's actually a skincare regimen you should follow after an intense workout?  Neither did I until I spoke with NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross, who gave me the scoop.

"When you exercise you sweat and lose a lot of fluids. Your first reaction after your workout is to wash it all away, but you have to make sure to take care of your skin properly when it's so stressed," he commented.

Step one: Skip harsh cleansers and toners that will strip away your natural oils.

Step two: Add moisture back into your skin.

Application is key though, as when you increase your metabolism, your oil glands naturally secrete, so you need to make sure your skin has time to equilibrate before applying products so they don't end up blocking the pores.  Therefore, you should wait a while after your workout to add moisturizer and makeup.

The Pro Secret to Better Brows

cara-delevingne-eyebrow-products_article_newTypically, when filling in our brows, we choose a product – shadow or liner – and get the job done. However, we’re missing a huge step that makes all the difference. LA makeup artist, Gabbi Pascua, gave us a reason for using more than one formula.

In order to make your brows look natural, refined and shaped, you need to use a two products – a liquid filler and a pencil. Start by using a liquid formula, (which is a consistency I’ve never used on my brows before) like Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in a shade lighter than your brows, to fill in the front only where it needs to be filled by “feathering” with short brush strokes.

Then, take a pencil like NARS Brow Perfector in a darker shade and fill in from your mid brow to the ends for a “fuller, defined brow that’s not too harsh.”

Who knew? Next time you fill in your brows, remember, don’t force a shape, just fill in what’s missing and blend the two formulas with your brow brush for the most natural looking brows.

Beauty Best Sellers

PicMonkey Collage

I can tell you which products are my favorite, but sales determine the real best sellers. Want to know what the hottest beauty products of the moment are?  Check out these fun facts and start shopping!


H20 Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment - 1 is sold globally every 1.4 minutes.


Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum - 1 is sold every 9 seconds throughout the world.


Bio-Oil - a bottle is sold every 17 seconds in the US.


LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask- 1 is sold every 15 seconds.


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - 1 is sold every 30 seconds globally.


Laura Geller Baked products - 1 is sold every 48 seconds.


Kérastase Elixir Ultime - 2 bottles are sold every minute worldwide.


Urban Decay Naked Palette - 1 is sold every 5 seconds.

DIY Beauty Refresh: No Salon Needed


Why spend hundreds of dollars at the salon or spa on your beauty regimen when you can do it yourself and save?  Well, DIY to a certain extent.  Here are some of our favorite beauty buys that'll keep you looking fresh this spring.

Hair: Refreshing your color at a hair salon with a gloss can run you about $80. At home, try John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss for only $11.99 at Available in six shades, the glosses refresh and liven up your hair color even matching the tone. Just apply it in the shower after you shampoo and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Nails: Fan of gel manicures? They can run you upwards of $40 a pop at the salon. Instead, try Sensationail at home. The starter kit is $59.99 and then you’re set. It includes the LED lamp and everything you need to get a chip free manicure for up to 2 weeks over and over again.

Smile: Professional teeth whitening can cost about $500! At home, try the new GoSmile Sonic Blue Whitening System for a professional whitening each time you brush thanks to the LED light paired with vibrations that polish your teeth.

Now, how's that for a spring beauty refresh?

Our Favorite New SPFs

PicMonkey Collage

We all know sunscreen is important. The issue now? There are so many sunscreens out there, who knows what to use? That's where we come in. Check out our favorite SPF's for your upcoming summer of fun in honor of World Health Day!


 L'Oréal Invisible Protect Clear Cool Lotion SPF 30

First off, spray SPF's just make life so much easier (fact). This is a truly great spray sunscreen that even smells delicious! It's provides great protection from the sun without leaving your skin feeling greasy, because that is literally the worst.


Shiseido Wet Force Ultimate Protection Lotion SPF 50 

This is one of those products you'll wonder how you lived without. It's a super light-weight SPF that nourishes skin as it protects you from harmful UV rays. It's also waterproof, so your summer of fun is uninterrupted! (Just the way we like it.)


Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Lotion SPF 30

You know we had to throw a sporty SPF in here. This Neutrogena product is guaranteed to stay strong even through your toughest workout. It's a thicker sunscreen but it really gets the job done because it doesn't clog your pores and lets your skin breathe.


Palmer's Eventone Sun Balm SPF 15

It may not seem like it from the outside, but this is a really amazing SPF! It protects your skin from the sun all while moisturizing to baby-soft perfection. Do we really need to say more?


 Coppertone Sport Accuspray Sunscreen SPF 50

This is another awesome spray SPF. It sprays on evenly and dries in seconds. It's the perfect SPF for anyone who's active. It's very light and odorless, so it's great not only for your morning jog, but your picnic in the park!

Have some other summertime favorites? Let us know your favorite SPF in the comments section!

Cream to Matte Formulas to Covet

creamProducts that go on creamy and transform into a matte powdery finish are impressive. Here are some of our favorites.


Face: Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix

This is one of those products we never leave the house without and recommend to friends as we touch up on the subway.  The creamy texture goes on light for easy buildability. Once it hits your skin though, it feels like a powder covering up any redness in it's path.


Cheeks: MAC Cream Colour Base 

While actually a multi-purpose product, we love to use it in the color Luna along our cheekbones for a little highlighting action. This rich pigment, creamy texture and dry powder finish is a miracle in of itself.


Eyes: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

When you first pull this brush out of the tube, you would not think this dries into a solid formula. Just wait until you apply it's smooth texture onto your lid and let it dry. You'll be in awe.


Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

This lipstick allows you to achieve the impossible. You can wear a matte solid lip in the winter without the flakiness that seems impossible to avoid. Since you can apply a soft liquid, your dry solid lip doesn't have the flaky effect that seem unavoidable with chapped winter lips.

Behind the Look: Ted Gibson


We're excited to introduce Ted Gibson, celebrity hairstylist, salon owner, and beauty guru! Ted is known for working with celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o, and Idina Menzel (or shall we say Adele Nazeem).  Honored to have him do my hair several times, I'm excited to introduce you!  Warning: You might think twice about washing your hair after you read.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

My tagline is “Beauty Is Individual” and I always say #HairChangesEverything. I believe in both of these philosophies so much that I’ve built my business around them.

What's a must-have in your kit?

I MUST have my Mason Pearson boar bristle brush, curling irons in multiple sizes, baby powder, French hair pins and extensions in different colors and lengths for my Gibson girls.

Have you discovered any new products lately that you find impressive?

I’m loving Nutrify Skin Type 1-6 Universal Tonic. It makes my skin feel AMAZING!

Spill your best beauty advice.

Beauty is THE best pick-me-up. If you’re feeling a little down, you’ll be surprised at how much a new hairstyle and a little lip color can make you feel so much better!

What’s the one tip or trick that you think all women should know?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – do not wash your everyday! This season’s hair is all about texture – which is hard to achieve with freshly shampooed hair! Plus, over shampooing your hair can also cause your scalp to produce more oil. You should shampoo your hair no more than 3x per week.

Want more Ted? Be sure to follow him on Instagram for updates of his latest beauty adventures!

Retro Beauty: Classic Products We Still Love

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.24.23 PM

What's more essential than reliable beauty products?  Nothing.  Despite the fact that we all love trying new products, sometimes reverting back to the classics are the best thing to do. Here are some of our favorite retro beauty products that have stood the test of time.

Dove-Beauty-Cream-BarDove Beauty Bar

Dove has managed to keep up with changing times by creating a product that really just gets the job done. The Beauty Bar is exactly that, a moisturizing soap bar that gets the job done without irritating your skin.  It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth.  Plus, we just love Dove campaigns!


Lip Smackers

You probably had about 20 tubes of these colorful lip balms, right? What was better than pulling out one these babies during 4th period? With favorites like Strawberry Glaze, Watermelon, and Birthday Cake, it's no wonder this product has been around since 1973 and is still going strong!


Maybelline Great Lash

While this just screams retro, it's still a makeup artist staple and we love it, too! The formula is flake-free and super black, and the wand is built to really get into each and every lash.


Noxzema Cream

There's something about the scent that brings us back to childhood.  It's always cool to use a product that your mother used when she was your age. The tingle in Noxzema's Original Cleansing Cream is irreplaceable.


Wet N' Wild nail polish

This is another one of those products every girl had to have when we were younger! The bright colors dressed up any good 90's girl look. It's always nice to see another generation take interest in a great brand! (Though it does make us feel really old...)

What retro products do you love? Let us know in the comment section below!

Is Your Skin Dehydrated? Take This Test...

hydrationYour skin is probably dehydrated... really dehydrated, actually. Your skin needs water, vitamins, and nutrients to retain that healthy, young, and glowing look, but how can you tell if it's dehydrated and if it is dehydrated, how do you fix it? Don't worry, we got you!

The snap, pinch, and pout test, created by Dr. Terry Loong, is a great way to check the hydration levels and elasticity of your skin, which decrease as we age. It's also a great way to tell if the products you're using are working as well as you would like them to.

Snap Test: Using you your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch the skin underneath your eyes.  Depending on how quickly it "snaps" back will indicate how hydrated and how much elasticity your skin has.

Pinch Test: "Pinch" the apples of your cheeks to feel how much collagen your skin has by seeing if there are fine lines on the surface of the skin when you pinch it.  If there are fine lines, your skin may be dehydrated or have reduced elasticity, which needs to be addressed through internal and external care to maintain youthful skin.   

Pout Test: "Pout" to check area around your mouth.  As you release the pout, you'll want to see if fine lines remain.  It is so important to apply an extra layer of skincare around your mouth, as we often wipe it off as we continue our skincare routines, after we brush our teeth or drink and eat food.

So you tested your skin and it's dehydrated. How do you fix it?

According to Dr. Terry Loong, "it is so important to keep skin properly hydrated to regulate oily and dry skin.  I recommend drinking at least 8 glasses per day to quench the thirst of your skin cells from the inside out. Topical hydration is also key to avoid transepidermal water loss from the inside out." She recommends the Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate and The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask to help keep skin healthy and flawless!


She also recommends a good amount of beauty sleep every night! "In terms of skin, sleep time is the golden time for skin renewal because the body is at rest and skin has more energy to regenerate itself and repair daytime damage."

Behind the Look: Matthew Ray


I'm excited to introduce you to my friend and Lancome Resident Artist, Matthew Ray.  He's worked with A-Listers like Cameron Diaz and Deborah Messing and gives great makeup advice that'll guarantee you run out to buy a taupe brow pencil.

Describe the most exciting project you’ve worked on lately.

I did makeup for friends and clients going to the Glam Awards, which is a unique awards show for NY nightlife; celebrating the best in DJs, bartenders, and drag queens. The overall theme was the more eccentric the better, and it was an amusing departure from my comfort zone. It was fun to take tangerine blush where it’s never gone before.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

As your artist, we are a team, and I need you to communicate, let down your guard, and trust me. I am a proud department store makeup artist. My client might not be prepping for the cover of Vogue, but after a session with me she will leave with the confidence that she could rock the runway; or at least Park Ave.

Confidence is my philosophy. I am most inspired by a woman’s smile. The glow that comes from happiness is the best look a woman can wear. Makeup conjures confidence. Confidence allows you to be comfortable in being yourself, and there is nothing more beautiful than being happy with who you are.

What are the top five must-haves in your kit and why?

a. If I was going to be stranded on a desert island and could only grab one thing, it’d be my bottle of Lancome Genifique! I am obsessed with how it makes my skin look and feel, and as someone that enjoys a cocktail or glass of wine, Genifique keeps me glowing, despite the dehydrating effects of such libations. It’s the first step in all my client’s daily regimen, men and women. We’ve heard it before, great makeup starts with great skin, and for me there is nothing better in the game than Genifique.

b. L’Oreal’s Revitalift Miracle Blur is FLAWLESS! It is like having an Instagram filter for real life. If you are like me, you will not let anyone post a photo of you without approval; and only after using a good filter— or two. These blur products make my crow’s feet less visible, my large pores look so tight, and my oily complexion and texture much softer and smoother.

c. It’s not one product in particular, but I am crazy for Birchbox! Getting a box of samples tailored to your personal beauty preferences once a month is like having an unexpected Christmas in your mailbox. I subscribe to the men’s box. The day my Birchbox comes I take a moment and luxuriate in trying out all these awesome new additions to my arsenal.

d. A taupe brow pencil! Ladies. You NEED this! From the fairest to the deepest tones, you can use the taupe pencil to fill in your brows, trust me it’ll work; and then taupe is also a universal shade for contouring. Most brow pencils are in the condensed powder form, which makes it easy to blend. Depending on your face shape, draw a line with the pencil underneath your cheekbone and blend downwards. This will cause the illusion of a shadow that will help to chisel those cheekbones. Great for nose contouring too! Taupe brow pencils— get into it!

e. Black liquid liner… I repeat… black liquid liner. It’s the fiercest, classiest, most feminine product you can own. When applied properly, which is so easy to do- just use your lash-line as a guide, it looks like you spent all morning on your eye makeup, probably only took you thirty seconds, and is sure to get you noticed. Master the liquid liner and you’ll own every room you enter!

Have you discovered any new products lately that you find impressive?

I’m a Lancome guy, and we have the mascara game locked down! We are the number one company in the world for mascara, and recently we launched Grandiose. In it’s design you can see Lancome used an artist inspired approach. They reinvented everything. The brush has different bristle lengths that find even the smallest of lashes, the wand is shorter with a swan-neck shape, and the formula is much more supple preventing those hard, dry, crispy lashes. Bad mascara can go very wrong and make the wearer look downright crazy. You owe it to yourself and your eyes to have the best quality mascara.

Spill your best beauty advice.

Fake it till you make it! Own your uniqueness and live your truth. If you have a blemish that nothing will cover, then tell yourself you have the fiercest blemish anyone has ever seen. Next thing you know your coworkers will WISH they had a blemish. Having a bad hair day? Put on some gorgeous lipgloss, smile, and have a sense of humor on things we cannot change.

What’s the one tip or trick that you think all women should know?

In general I see women applying their blush far too low on the face. By placing it so low, you are dragging the eye downward, and who wants a droopy looking face?? Apply your blush directly on your cheekbone, maybe even cheat it up a little, and sweep it up into your hairline. You will achieve a lifted appearance. Just make sure your blush has the same undertone as your lipstick. They should compliment each other and be from the same color family; do not match a warm lip with a cool blush. This makes me cry. But regardless of anything— what you ultimately do should make YOU happy before anyone else.

Pretty Spring Nail Polish Collections


We're completely in love with Jin Soon's Spring nail polish collection (above), but that's not all!   Ready to rid winter from your mani and embrace brights?  Here are some new collections that promise happy nails.

nail polish

We're excited about Orly, who recently partnered with Target to create a great gel-like polish at an affordable price. Our favorite shade for Spring is Celebrity Gossip, but it's available in 36 shades.

nail polishSally Hansen's new line includes 14 Insta-Dri polishes that give off high shine and dry in just 60 seconds. Perfect for the girl on the go!  Our favorite Shade? Quick Fire

nail polishJINsoon partnered with Tila March and focused her Spring collection on sophisticated brights.  No, not neonas opposed to neon.  Tila, this fun green, is our favorite new neutral.

nail polish

In partnership with Rebecca Minkoff, Essie, came out with their "Hide & Chic" collection that simply speaks to us!  Style Hunter is our award winner of the bunch.

DIY Solutions to Winter Beauty Problems

Credit: Vogue

Yes, we're still talking about winter... and it's March.  If you're still facing these winter beauty problems, it's time you get rid of them, because Spring is right around the corner! Here are five of the most common conundrums and easy DIY solutions.

Problem: Chapped Lips

Solution: Exfoliate then hydrate. Make your own lip scrub with brown sugar and olive oil and use it once a day before you apply your lip balm. If you use lip balm alone, you’re  protecting your lips, but not healing them.

Problem: Dry Skin

Solution: Start to embrace luke warm showers. While taking a hot, steamy shower is coveted in the wintertime, the hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and therefore, dries it out.

Problem: Itchy Scalp

Solution: Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. The oil has anti-inflamatory and moisturizing properties so it’s a great solution for soothing and ridding dandruff.

Problem: Frizzy Hair

Solution: Hair frizzes because it’s dehydrated and coconut oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft and deep condition.  If you have thick hair, mix 2 parts coconut oil with 1 part olive oil. For thinner hair, leave out the olive oil as it’ll be too heavy. Apply all over your hair, focus on the ends. Wrap it in a bun and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and shampoo as usual.

Problem: Peeling Cuticles & Brittle Nails

Solution: Warm Olive Oil mixed with a Vitamin E capsule in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Dip your fingers into it for about 20 seconds and massage the solution all over your nails and cuticles. Wipe the excess off with a paper towel. Heating the mixture will allow for better penetration and will help to moisturize and nourish your hands.

Behind the Look: Fiona Stiles

fiona-stilesShe works with some of Hollywood's leading ladies like Jennifer Garner, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba, but in her spare time, she managed to launch a new beauty retail site, ShopReedClarke, which I find to have a well curated collection of tools, accessories and beauty needs.  Here, she fills us in on her inspirations and all time favorite beauty products.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

I try to make women look like the best version of themselves without feeling like they're hiding behind a bunch of makeup. I want every woman who's makeup I do to look in the mirror and feel amazing.

What inspires you?

Art, strong women, people on the street... I love to see how people interpret makeup trends and incorporate them into their daily routine. I love art books and of course I love fashion magazines... I can't help it, the fantasy of it all gets me every time.

What are the top five must-haves in your kit and why?

a. The beautyblender. I can't work without this product, and the imposters are sub-par and a total waste of money. It's a fantastic tool to add to your beauty arsenal.

b. Charlotte Tibury Film Star Bronze & Glow highlighting and cointour palette. So perfect and easy for creating a sculpted face. I didn't know I could live without it until I tried it.

c. White Diamond Lustre perfume. I don't wear a lot of makeup when I'm at work because frankly, it's not about me, it's about my client. That said, I won't leave the house without perfume because I feel like it completes my look. I love the warm floral and citrus scent, it just makes me a bit more glamorous. I have a little extra bottle that I carry around in my kit for when I feel like I need a pick-me-up.

d. Tom Ford mascara. It's lush and inky black and you can get some serious volume and definition with that mascara. And I love, love love lashes so a great mascara is mandatory.

e. Laura Mercier brushes. The shapes and quality of these brushes are amazing. Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference in the application of your makeup and her brushes are just perfect, especially the range of brushes for the eyes.

Have you discovered any new products lately that you find impressive?

I recently discovered a line called Rituel de Fille. They're products are 99% natural and the colors are just amazing. It's a small line, but I am crazy about everything they have. And the fact that their makeup has such great color pay off with such a short ingredient deck is really, really impressive.

Spill your best beauty advice.

Stay out of the sun. At best, it ages you. At worst, it can kill you. Invest in a great sunscreen a good hat and stay in the shade.

Fill in the blank. Fiona Stiles is  ______.


Yes, You Need Primer

PrimerPrimer is like the Secretary of State for makeup. You know it exists, but you're just not sure what it actually does or if you really need it. Truth is, primer is vital in maintaining a flawless look.  Hear me out.

Not only does primer help to seal in moisture and create a smooth surface for your makeup application, but it also helps to protect your skin from harmful free radicals.

There are a ton of great primers out there but I recently discovered Maybelline's FaceStudio Mast Prime Blur and Smooth Primer, and am loving it.  Other primers we're fans of are Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (an oldie, but goodie) and MAC Prep + Prime Fix Finishing Mist, because they get the job done, while being super lightweight.

After just a couple days of using Maybelline's primer before putting on my makeup, my skin was silky smooth and glowing – Beyoncé glowing.  So yes, you need primer.

Me after primer

Best Bet: Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

Credit: StyleBistro

Moisturizer is my number one desert island product.  Hands down.  Curious about what yours would be, I tweeted out the question and received responses like: mascara, lip balm and yes, moisturizer!  So some of us are on the same page.  Of course, when you walk into the drugstore, you're faced with the mega moisturizer shelf of promises and luckily for you, it's my job to test them all out so you don't have to waste a single penny. My latest post-shower obsession works to moisturize and heal even the roughest skin.  Seriously.

There's nothing more disappointing than a "moisturizer" that sits on top of your skin or maybe even worse, one that smells like old-lady perfume.  Seriously?  As you can imagine, I've been putting quite a few brands to the test this winter and found one I really love and am sticking with – Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum.


Yes, a body serum.  Instead of temporarily soothing and moisturizing my skin, it actually corrects the problem by healing any cracked areas (like my feet, ew, I know) and ensuring that the rest of my skin remains hydrated and protected.  A triple threat for sure.  With a combination of ingredients that help to heal the skin by penetrating to the deepest layers to replenish lipids and Vaseline Jelly to help to prevent any moisture loss, this one's a winner.

The new Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum is available in Deep Repair, Radiance Restore and Advanced Healing at drugstores for $8.49.

*This post is sponsored by Vaseline, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Jennifer Hudson's Springy Oscars Makeup

Jennifer-Hudson-Oscars-MakeupJennifer Hudson's makeup was almost as impactful as her tribute performance last night.  One word to describe her look: Flawless.  I spoke with her makeup artist, Shannon Pezzetta, to find out the exact products she used to create that gorgeous smokey eye and customized lip shade, because you know you want them.


Of course her makeup prep began with a mini facial.  As it should!  Shannon Pezzetta massaged Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum onto her face to create radiance and followed up with the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to hydrate the skin and create a base for makeup.  She then used Lancome foundation as a base and highlighted her cheekbones with Cargo Blush in Laguna. Then topped it off with a dusting of Bronzing Powder in Golden by MAC.



Using a mix of eye shadows from Stila's In The Garden Palette, Pazzetta created a smokey dark in brown eye with a hint of gold on the lid.



Of course, her lip look would be customized.  I don't expect anything less for J. Hud! Pazzetta  custom created a peachy, orange color by blending Inglot #401 with Nars Audacious Lipstick in Juliette.


Anna Kendrick's Smokey Eye Secret

Anna-Kendrick-Oscars-BeautyAnna Kendrick was one of the first to arrive on the Oscar red carpet and I thought she looked stunning.  "I wanted to create a look that had a presence, but wasn't overpowering and wouldn't compete with the dress," her makeup artist, Vanessa Scali remarked.  Her intense eye makeup was the focal point and the secret?  It took two liners to complete.  Here's exactly how to get her eye makeup.From the lash line to the crease and underneath the lower lashes, Scali blended Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow in Smolder it into the skin well so that the edges would be soft . Then, she used Beautiful Color Eye Shadow in Glisten on the brow bone and a touch in the center of the eyelid.

She then used two eyeliners to pull off the crispness of the look.  First, she lined Kendrick's top lash line and outer corners of the lower lashes as well as the water line with Beautiful Color Precision Glide Eyeliner in Black Violet. Followed by Sunkissed Pearls Gel Eye Liner in Deep Sea Pearl smudged into the lash line. "This makes saturates the black at the base of the lashes. It isn’t a hard line­­--just rich and dark."

A few coats of black mascara on the top lashes, with one, soft coat on the bottom finished the look.

The Exact Lipstick Used on Margot Robbie

Margot-Robbie-oscarsThose lips!  Oscars presenter, Margot Robbie stunned in a black Saint Laurent dress paired with fiery orange-red lips. "We were inspired by old Hollywood glamour and wanted to make a statement," says makeup artist Tyron Machhausen, who spills the exact color she's wearing.  Because, you know you want it.

hourglass-lip-glossTyron Macchausen highlighted the actresses cheeks and kept her eyes clean, focusing on liner and mascara.  His secret weapon? Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Pencil in Raven topped by Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven.  The liner and lipstick combo allowed for those lips to take the spotlight.

Spring Beauty Trends on the Today Show

jeannine-morrisThis week, I chatted with Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show about the hottest Spring beauty trends.  Accompanied by gorgeous models, it was definitely a good time! From purple hair to graphic liner, braids and negative space manis, we covered a lot! Check out the segment, because you don't need to wait until Spring to start wearing these trends.  All of the product info is below as well.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Pastel Hair Manic Panic Glam Strips, $5.25 for 8” and $6.99 for 18” at Rita Hazan Pop Color, $18 at

Lavender Eye Shadow CoverGirl Eye Shadow Quad in Va Va Violets $6.99 at drugstores Lancome Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Lavender Grace, $50 at Sephora

Classic Braids Styliste Ultime Wax Powder, $6.97 at Walmart Living Proof Amp Instant Texture Volumizer, $24 at Sephora

Graphic Eye Liner Maybelline Master Graphic, $7.99 at drugstores Laura Geller Eye Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner Kit, $30 at

Negative Space Manicure Essie Flowerista Collection, $8 at Nails Inc. The New White Collection, $14 ea. at

New Beauty Breakthroughs as Seen on NY Live

jeannine-morrisThis morning I was back on NBC's New York Live with Jacque Reid talking about some of my favorite new beauty products that are real breakthroughs.  Check out the segment below!


Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q Hair Dryer, $120 at drugstores and

A brushless motor allows for an almost silent blowout and this dryer has almost 70% more air pressure so it dries your hair super fast without the need for excess heat.  Less dry time and heat equals healthier hair.

Rogaine for Women, $29.99 at

One in three women notice thinning hair in their lifetime and Rogaine finally came out with a formula as powerful as the mens - with 5% minoxidil, which stimulates hair growth.  Just apply a capful once a day to the thinning area and massage it in with your fingers.

Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher, $90 at

Popular in Korea, this product acts as a boost for all of your other skincare products. Just smooth it all over your face morning and night after you applied your regular skincare and the Green Tea-Ginseng Complex promotes radiance, slow melanin production and increase collagen production.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick, $8.99 at drugstores

This lipstick is made of a wax free, high def gel formula.   The clear gel base provides a weightless feel with a smoother, more even application than traditional wax-based formulas and allows the true pigment to come through.

Armani Eye Tint, $38 at Sephora

This innovative eye shadow combines the purity of a powder, the staying power of an ink and the feel of a cream. It comes in 12 unique shades that can be layered endlessly.

Vidal Sassoon Salonist, $14.99 at drugstores

This two-step at home hair coloring technique helps to get an even color from roots to ends.  First, brush your roots using the brush the roots with Vidal Sassoon colour mixture then, add the Vidal Sassoon Serum to the mix and smooth through lengths.