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A Peek Inside Aerin Lauder's Office and New Cosmetic Line

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of meeting Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estee Lauder at her office during a media event to launch her new cosmetic line.  Her products fill voids in the cosmetic industry with feminine flair.  "There really isn't anything modern and feminine, it's either modern or feminine," Lauder comments.  "I found a wonderful balance between the two."  After the jump you'll see pics of her line, office and one of Estee Lauder's chests filled with her belongings.

"I love the weekday ones, the shade Perfect Nude is really a perfect nude," Lauder comments."


"I walked the beauty departments for two years with a baseball cap on because I thought, 'Oh gosh, people would know what I was doing if they see me.'," she states.

"The beauty bags and picture frames are all a piece of Estee."

Why Guys Hate Red Lipstick, Plus Three of My Faves

"I'm really not liking this red lipstick trend," says Joe, my boyfriend after I applied my new Nars lipstick that I was ridiculously excited about wearing.  Well turns out Joe is not alone as most guys hate the red lip look.  The real question is how much do we care? "It just makes your lips stand out and your face look really pale," he comments.  "It's annoying."  After asking him a million and one questions I came to the conclusion that he believes "the look" or maybe it's any real makeup look makes it seem like we're trying.  The effort is a turn off.  Which is why the "no-makeup-makeup look" is so successful.  Of course, I wore the lipstick proudly anyway (who wouldn't) and got a ton of compliments from my girlfriends.  After all, we dress for the girls... right?

I feel like I've forever been searching for the perfect red lipstick and thanks to NARS Makeup Artist, Jenny Smith, I found it.  Well, she kind of put me in my place about it by telling me that I'm taking the whole red lipstick thing way too seriously and just have to have a little fun with it.  There is no perfect red lipstick.

Now, since I let my hair down about it (and don't listen to Joe when it comes to my makeup), there are three reds I rotate between: NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below , Cle de Peau Lipstick (which I've written about before) in #213 and Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Lipstick in Cherry.  They're all different shades and textures and great for different times of day and events.  Every time I reach for one, Joe cringes.  Have a hot date?  Skip the red lipstick.

Christian Applegate Partners with Gilt for BCA

Earlier this month I posted about Estee Lauder's BCA campaign with Elizabeth Hurley, which I really admire and hope you took part in.  I just came across another fantastic BCA collaboration between Christina Applegate, a breast cancer survivor and founder of, and that you have to check out. Since Applegate was only 36 when she was diagnosed, the partnership with Gilt was apropriate since she wanted to teach younger women about early detection and her views on breast cancer.  Of course, where else would you find us but shopping for shoes?

"The reason I started Right Action for Women was to get the word out that this doesn't just happen to women who are over 55... I was 36 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer," Applegate says.  For her, early detection was everything and her doctor sent her for an MRI instead of a mammogram.  Who knew MRI's could even detect it?

Check out the video of Christina below and shop her favorites on Gilt today at noon.

Elizabeth Hurley & Estee Lauder Unite for BCA

Since it's October, I'd like to kick off the month with a post dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Last week I had the chance to join an online chat with Elizabeth Hurley, the Spokeswoman for Estee Lauder's 2011 BCA Campaign, “Together. Connect. Communicate. Conquer. For a Future Free of Breast Cancer.”  She, along with the Estee Lauder brand are once again standing behind a powerful campaign that you can get involved in. The pink ribbon was co-created by Evelyn Lauder, and the company has given out over 150 million of them to date to spread awareness.  This year, they've created pink ribbon wristlets that are available at Estee Lauder counters world wide for free and are selling a pink crystal ribbon pin with one blue crystal that represents the 1% of men who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Hurley explained that she actively supports BCA and BCRF and that the only thing preventing researchers from finding a cure is funding.  "They're two fantastic organizations that have my full support," she states.  "With Estee Lauder, our goal is to promote awareness and teach about early detection. We've also donated over 50 million dollars so far."

This year, Estee Lauder will be illuminating 200 global landmarks in pink lights to honor the 12th anniversary of  this initiative.  You can join in by sharing your message of hope on Estee Lauder's FB wall and lighting up the world.  If you've never participated in a FB campaign before, think about participating in this one.  I did.


VIP Pass to the Industry: Beauty Bank PR

This week's introduction is someone who's pretty good a flirting!  Meet Holly Bernesser, the PR Manager of Beauty Bank, which is a division of Estee Lauder.  She works on brands like Flirt! Cosmetics (one of my favorite) and GoodSkin Labs.  After being in PR for 4 1/2 years, she definitely has a lot of great insider advice. How did you land your first job in PR?

During my last semester at Syracuse, our program took us down to New York for informational sessions at a variety of PR agencies in the city. Most of the agencies they took us to were large in size and had very corporate accounts on their roster. I was hell-bent on working in the Fashion or Beauty industries (I am a girly-girl after all!) so was most excited when they took us to Marina Maher Communications which is a PR Agency that specializes in marketing to woman and has big P&G Beauty Accounts like CoverGirl, Herbal Essences, Clairol and more. I networked with a few of the women who worked there, sent my resume and stayed in touch. I ended up landing a post grad internship that turned into a full time position after only a month, working on the MAX Factor and Secret accounts. It was a dream first job for a beauty junkie like me!

What's a typical day like?

A typical day in PR? Is there such a thing? I always say I wear many hats in my position and it’s the truth! One day I can be working on a communications strategy for one brand, planning a celebrity launch event for another all while tweeting, posting on Facebook and writing our next YouTube video script for FLIRT! Cosmetics, the brand which I play "digital spokesperson" for! (Yes, I am the the “Flirt! It Girl” –  you can follow me @FLIRTItGirl)

What's your favorite part of your job?

I love being creative and brainstorming new ways to reach our consumer and the media in out-of-the box, breakthrough ways.  I am a true digital media junkie so I also love being able to tweet on behalf of FLIRT! and appear as a host in our "Flirty How To YouTube Series."

What's your least favorite?

It may sound cheesy but I really don't have a "least favorite" part of my job! I will say however, that tracking down lost UPS packages of beauty product send-outs wouldn't necessarily be classified as fun. But hey, it comes with the territory!

What’s the best advice you would give someone trying to get into the industry today?

Intern, intern, intern! It’s all about gaining experience as an undergraduate and getting a foot in the door. When I was in college, having one- two internships was definitely recommended but now, I'd say it’s practically necessary! Today's digital age makes it even easier to get in touch with companies and brands you are interested in working for. If you can't commit to a full summer or semester internship because of where you live or your financial situation look into "shadowing" an industry professional you admire for a week or even just an afternoon. In PR and career building it’s all about networking!

Confess!  What's your biggest beauty sin?

This is terrible but sometimes I don't take off my makeup at night. I really try to but every now and then I’m a little lazy about getting off the eyeliner/mascara especially!

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

It would have to be consuming hours and hours of terrible reality television on a weekly basis! I am a sucker for all of The Real Housewives franchises, The Bachelor, Millionaire Matchmaker and even sometimes JerseyShore and Teen Mom! It’s important pop culture “research” for my job and a mindless way to unwind after a busy day - well, at least that's my excuse!

5 Simple Tricks to Turn Up Tired Eyes

We all experience nights whether restless or reckless that quickly turns into mornings where we wake up looking just a little less than alert.  But as the story goes, when that alarm buzzes, it’s time to get up and hide our tired eyes.  I got the scoop from Physicians Formula Celebrity Makeup Artist, Joanna Schlip, on how to look alert with a few makeup tricks. 1.  Line the top of your eye three quarters of the way starting where the color of your eye begins and take it out to the spot where the crease in your eye ends.  Creating a thick line on the top gives the illusion of fuller lashes, which opens the eye.   Try Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, $10.95.

2. Trace a soft, thin line underneath your lashes on the bottom of your eye.  Make sure you avoid the inner rim.  It will only make them appear smaller.

3. Smudge a highlighter or a shimmery eye shadow underneath your brow bone and place a tad in the inner corners of your eyes for an instant pick-me-up.

4. Fill in your brows from the arch to the outside of your eye to add lift.  I like the Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil, $19.

5. Apply false lashes to the outer most corners of your peepers, curl them and add mascara.

And woo-la!  Grab a grande non-fat latte with an extra shot of espresso and no one will ever know about your rough night.

What are your early morning pick-me-ups?

Estee Lauder Introduces New Pure Color Lipgloss

What if there was a lip gloss that had the strong pigment of a lipstick, and the smooth application and luster of a gloss?  Estee Lauder’s new Pure Color Gloss has just that. I've always been a fan of Pure Gloss, which provides long-lasting color and hydration (minus the stickiness)! The new collection has a spectrum of 34 hues in shine, shimmer, or sparkle finishes so you can choose your desired look for any occasion.  It also features six colors created by Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder’s Creative Makeup Director and beauty guru to the fashion world. As someone who has worked with countless celebrities, Pecheux’s custom colors are stylish and playful—and still classy reflecting the brand etiquette of Estee Lauder..

The new gloss is available at nationwide Estee Lauder counters and online for $18.

Tom Ford Says Pucker Up for A Price

Tom Ford collaborated with Estee Lauder in creating Private Blend Lip Color launching in June.  Yes, the colors are rich and seem to be velvety smooth, but the cost of one tube seems to be absurd!  They're a whopping $45 each! "This is my take on 12 classic lip colors," Ford remarks. "I took the most universally flattering shades a woman could wear and then reimagined them in a modern and authoritative way."

While Mr. Ford may have authority in fashion and cosmetics, I'm not so sure charging $45 for a lipstick is reasonable.  Formulated with soja seed extract, Brazillian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, the texture alone may make it worth the splurge.

One of my favorite bronzers of all time was a collaboration between Tom Ford and Estee Lauder, but it's been discontinued.  So I warn you, if you do decide to purchase one of these luxurious shades, don't get hooked they may not be around forever.