Black is the New Black


Black-To-Black_model-shotTrends come and go. The same goes for all the different colors have been referred to as "the new black." But honestly, nothing will ever become the new black. So to honor our love (obsession?) with black here at BeautySweetSpot, we're showing you the best new beauty products that come in none other than our staple color, black.


Maybelline Color Show Back to Black, $3.99 There's nothing like a nice clean black nail to get you through a tough, glamorous work week. And now with Maybelline's new Back to Black collection, there's more than one option for that perfect black shade. Varying textures like Black Matte and Patent Black to the different effects of Black Dust and Smokey Black, you're sure to find your new favorite black nail.


Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner, $24 When you think of a rich pigment product, you typically think a bright color pigment like red or blue. Just imagine what a rich pigmented black looks like. We know, it's exciting. This flexible felt tip pen will provide with a deep dark clean black line in any shape or size your true heart desires.


Marc Jacobs Blacquer is Better Eye Defining Essentials, $32 This exclusive limited edition set of cult classics are a must. If the name isn't enough to convince you, maybe the price tag will. Containing a full size Magic Marc'er Precision Pen and smaller sized Highlighter Eye Crayon and O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara, you're set to create a gorgeous dark smoky eye.


Ciaté Double Lines eyeliner, $20 This ultra-black double sided liner gives you options in just one product. You can get a refined graphic liquid line with the Perfect Precision Tip, or you can go for a creamy smoky look with the soft Khol liner. Either choice you make, they're both bold, black and beautiful.


BareMinerals Lash Domination in Intense Black, $18 Of course a black product line up wouldn't be complete without an intense black mascara. So we chose BareMinerals new mascara in none other than Intense Black. You know how you're always told to twirl the wand as you go up the lashes to evenly coat them all? Well this twisted wand does that for you. Giving each and every angle of all your lashes a solid deep black coding.

5 Favorites

  I've always used the same products before starting to work in this industry with Jeannine, which was typically just whatever my mom brought home. Now, I have a whole new perspective on beauty products thanks to all the opportunities to test so many different ones. Here are some of my favorites from simple foundations to gorgeous lipsticks.  Yes, I'm sure you'll find a few newbies to put on your shopping list.

I received Blow Pro Blow Out Spray hairspray at an event for Jeannine last summer and now it’s the only hairspray I’ll use. I never really liked to use hairspray except for prom or homecoming. It made my soft hair sticky and crunchy. I feel like this hairspray does the complete opposite. It holds without creating that awful crunchy effect a lot of hairspray has. If your looking for a spray that gives you a solid hold while maintaining volume and movement, this is stuff to use.

BareMinerals is pretty well known for their loose mineral powder but I love their compact powder. It goes on smooth without coating my face in a thick layer of makeup. It also covers up blemishes while keeping my face looking almost makeup-free. If people think that’s just how naturally smooth my skin is, I’m not going to be the one to correct them.

I like to use Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation for days at the beach or pool. It’s a compact cream foundation with SPF 36 in it. It blends smoothly and gives a great matte finish without looking like a heavy coat of makeup.  I have a hard time using sunscreen on my face because of my sensitive skin and this is a great alternative. The fact that it gives my face a high SPF coverage while hiding blemishes makes it a great summer product.


Hourglass Liquid Lipstick is another find I can credit to my internship and an event. This collection of liquid lipsticks are seriously one the best of the colored lip products I own. The colors are so youthfully beautiful I would be crazy not to love them. I typically like to add a light gloss finish over them for a little extra pop. While theses lipsticks do fade during wear, they tend to do it without smudging all over your face, which is good enough for me!


I squeezed ever last drop out of my Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter. Every time I wore it people would stop me to compliment my scent. I kid you not. Not even just once, it happened multiple times. People would walk in the subway car and ask who smelled so good. Even on the streets on NYC waiting to cross a woman asked what it was I was wearing. Not only is the smell invigorating but I loved the way it made my skin look and feel. It made my legs shimmer and glow without looking greasy. If you asked me a year ago to talk about my favorite lotion, I would be confused what there was to even say, until I used this one.