Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Talk Beauty at the Billboard Women in Music Event

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reporting on the red carpet at the Billboard Women in Music Awards thanks to Crest 3D White, where Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj were honored. They were both incredible to talk to!  Check out highlights from the event including video interviews with both songstresses after the jump! Taylor Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year!  As she stood up to accept her award she said, "Out of all of the day dreams I've had as a child, I keep taking a step back and saying, I guess this is what it looks like."  She was so gracious and poised.  She speaks about her New Years Eve look, love for Ralph Lauren Rugby and new bangs in the video below.

Taylor Swift Red Carpet Video:

Nicki Minaj was awarded Billboard's Rising Star and told me on the red carpet what her next beauty project is (video below).  While accepting her award she said, "I'm no different than any other struggling artist that tried one last time."  She was so honest and real.  It was great to see this side of her.  She also spoke about her wigs saying, "Hair changes my mood. It's not always about how I look, it's about how I feel. It does something to my brain, I can't stop!"

Nicki Minaj Red Carpet Video:


Sneak Peek! Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Finale

I bet you can't wait to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight on CBS! Neither can I, but since I saw it live, I caught a bit of the finale on video just for you!  Enjoy after the jump! 

VIDEO: Kanye West & Jay Z Perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This was incredible! As if watching the angels walk the runway wasn't enough, Kanye West begins performing "Stronger" and the models continued to strut wearing super hero inspired lingerie. Now picture this – the lights dim, models disappear and out comes Jay Z to perform "Niggas in Paris." Exhilarating! Need I say no more? I caught it all on camera! Watch the video for yourself after the jump.

VIDEO: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Backstage Beauty Report

Yesterday I went backstage before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which was held at the 69th Regiment Armory in NYC, and got the scoop on the secrets behind the Angel's glowing skin, bombshell waves and scored an interview with high fashion model, Liu Wen. Check out the video interview I did backstage with Lead Makeup Artist, Tom Pecheux, and find out which products he used on the models after the jump!

Here's a shot of the main products used to create the look.  Before applying foundation, Pecheux massaged each of the model's skin with Rodin Face Oil to moisturize and awaken it by stimulating circulation.

Pecheux wanted to create a believable tan complexion and used Victoria's Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder in Glitterati across the models' faces in places where the sun would hit (cheekbones, chin, nose and brow bone).  He then blended Victoria's Secret Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Starlet into the apples of the cheeks and up into the temples to make the tan look natural.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, the eye had a thin line of liquid liner and lashes were real!  Tons of mascara.  To finish, he used Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick in Wisper with a top coat of Very Sexy Lipgloss in Sublime.

Check out the video for the real deal:  

Reporting Live Tomorrow from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It's that time of year again! While you can tune in on November 29th and watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I'll be there tomorrow for the taping as the angels prep backstage and walk the runway.  Of course, I'll be tweeting live on site and posting images, interviews and videos immediately after the show on BeautySweetSpot so you can get the scoop right away. Last year I got to go into the spray tan tent to see exactly how the models bodies were sculpted with product (see post) despite their workout regimens and diets and interview all the models pre-show on video including Alessandra Ambrosio.

This year, special guest performers include Kanye West, Maroon 5, Cee Lo Green and just announced – Nicki Minaj.  WWD reports the themes for this years show will include ballet, super angels, passion play, angels aquatic, I put a spell on you and club pink.  There will be 69 costumes in total and 38 models walking the catwalk.

Exclusive Interview: Shakira Talks Beauty, Men & Guilty Pleasures

Ladies, I'm really excited because I had the pleasure to interview Colombian Songstress, Shakira!  She was kind enough to take some time out of her tour schedule to fill me in about her new fragrance, S by Shakira Eau Florale, which she says is, "a very simple fragrance with few accords and few notes, but which blended together manage to say a lot."  Check out the interview after the jump:

This is Shakira's second fragrance and is blended with floral notes of jasmine, bergamot and cassis layered over sweet fruits such as blackberry, raspberry and blueberry that finish with musk and vanilla.

Why did you decide to create a second fragrance? 

After working on S by Shakira with the perfumer, I became interested in the possibilities of expressing emotions though scents.  I wanted to find a way of expressing the feeling of pure happiness through the medium of fragrance, and we achieved that with this floral fusion.

What does the idea of beauty mean to you?

Beauty comes from self confidence, being positive, feeling energy and loving and caring for oneself.

What do you think is the sexiest scent on a man and why?

The smell of a man right after he comes out of the shower, clean!

Do you think you'll ever launch more beauty products or even a fashion line?

I’m excited to be a part of this fascinating world and the more I get involved, the more I see the possibilities are endless.  We don’t have any immediate plans to bring out beauty products, but anything is possible.

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

Cheesy, romantic comedies.

Runway Review and Interview: Naeem Khan

The Naeem Khan Spring/Summer 2012 show was by far my favorite show of the season. The show opened to a grungy rock and roll version of Marilyn Manson's, Sweet Dreams, which was a beautiful contrast against the glamour of the high fashion gowns that owned the mirrored runway.  The energy was electric and the audience, left in awe. Red beaded gowns with intricate detail, black tulle dresses, printed floral ball gowns, lace off the shoulder gowns, high slit skirts with ruffles, low back beaded tops and an ostrich feather skirt were all part of the collection.

After the show I had the opportunity to speak with Naeem Khan in the American Express Skybox.  "With my collection, it's all about the emotional connection," he said.  "The moment a woman feels glamourous in my clothes is the connection."

His inspiration for the collection was modernizing Old Hollywood and adding some touches of Spain.  Even though a ton of work goes into each collection, Khan was working on this for two and a half months and it took ten days to make.  He worked closely at his privately owned factory in India with 45 seamstresses, 10 craftsmen, 10 embroiderers and then sent the fabrics and designs about 600 people in the factory to make the actual creations before they were sent to the US and finalized.

Khan was anxious to tell me and other Amex card holders about his collection and I was excited to learn about the making because I hope one day he makes my wedding dress!

*This post is sponsored by American Express, but my thoughts and actions are honest.

Playboy Glam at The Blonds

  The Blonds are amazing designers known for their eccentricity. This year, the look was all about Playboy. The clothes were magnificently intricate beaded corsets and the nails even moreso.

The nails, by Kristina Estabrooks for CND, took over 100 hours of manual labor to make and it definitely paid off. There were nails of every imaginative design. Hand painted bows, Swarovski crystal made fishnet, 24k gold leaf foil, and my personal favorite; crushed glass atop silver polish. The crushed glass matched the geometric shapes on the corsets. They were insane and glittered so much more than the standard rhinestone."It's not nail art, but nail fashion," remarked Estabrooks. Totally agreed.

To keep the nails and clothes as the focal point, the makeup and hair accentuated the Playboy vixen vibe. The makeup, by Kobuki for MAC, was described as a futuristic sex kitten. Kobuki created a "false eyebrow" by using two different eyebrow pencils, "Lingering Brow Pencil" and duck power point pencil and brushing concealer through the real eyebrow hairs. Then using a darker pencil to cheat the outer arch of the brows. The real treat was the eye makeup. I fall in love immediately with anything resembling a cat eye or winged tip and this one was no exception. Kobuki made a lightning bolt out of the eyes with Black Fluidline Liner.  He made wings as usual, but then added an eyeliner flick on the bottom and the top. Stunning and so easy to recreate.  To finish the look, Kobuki contoured the face and added Woo Me Kissable Lip Color for a juicy, glossy finish.

The hair was huge and bombshell! Dennis Lanni for Bumble and Bumble wanted a Jessica Rabbit look for the models as they walked down the runway. He teased the hair and set it in big rollers. The rollers, secured with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, were left in for quite some time. After the rollers are taken out, the curls were brushed out. Dennis did not want ringlets in the hair. The overall effect was a cross between Priscilla Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

I've been loving the sixty looks that have been coming down the runway this season! The nails were fierce and I feel like I'm in desperate need for "nail fashion."

Futuristic Luxe at Ports 1961

  The New York Public Library isn't just for book worms - it's where Ports 1961 showcased their Spring 2012 collection.  I think the library first received major fashion cred thanks to Sex and the City.   Before I dish on the backstage beauty I wanted to say thank you to Jeannine for letting be in her shoes for a week! It was so great being a part of SS 2012 NYFW and most of all being able to share my experiences with you!

The theme for hair, makeup and nails: futuristic luxe.  As soon as I heard that term from Nonie Creme, Founder of Butter London, I just had mental flashbacks of The Jetsons and how I thought that by now I would have owned a flying car.  To complement this theme, for the nails, Nonie used one coat of Chimney Sweep, a dark charcoal with a metallic finish, topped with matte top coat.  Doing this created that velvety texture without completely losing the shine (Nonie was the hand model for the above picture).  The focus for the makeup was having a bare face with a burst of color on the eyes using a vibrant metallic green eyeliner.  Pat McGrath, lead makeup artist for Covergirl,  used Intense Shadow Blast in everlasting green and create a thick line across the eye.  Quick tip: if you're a beginner start off by playing connect the dots;  make dots along the lash line and then connect them.

Lastly, the hair imparts a heroic sentiment with an east coast feel, says Guido, lead Redken stylist.  Guido accomplished this by creating a  'faux ponytail'; he simply pulled the hair back without tying it.  Guido also used barrettes, that he painted white, to hold the hair back.  The look is no-frills, modern and elegant,  a common theme I've seen this NYFW season.  Thank you again for checking out my posts for Beauty Sweet Spot - hope you enjoyed them!  xo

Runway Review: Wayne

Tonight I ventured over to Milk Made Studios to catch the Wayne show at 7pm.  Typically, shows start late, but this one didn't start until about  7:45 and after a long day running around between shows in 80 degree weather, I was a bit cranky.  That is until I saw the first look – of course. A silk white tuxedo dress effortlessly glided down the runway, (which the designer, Wayne Lee, told me was her favorite look of the show), and all of a sudden I was in a complete trance.  This season, Lee collaborated with Benjamin Degen, a painter she always admired to created a blue and white rope print seen on various cotton and silk dresses and tops.  Black, leather bomber jackets complimented girly flowy skirts and the color palette used was black, white, sand, bone and sky blue.

My favorite part was that the hair was roughly texturized and mattified into a series of braids that created an updo that created a nice contrast against the beautiful silks and gentle cottons.

After the show I was able to speak with Lee, who is about to have a baby!  When asked what was next for her she commented, "Learning how to integrate my personal life into my work life and constantly evolving and expanding my collection."  A children's collection in the future?  Probable.

*This post is sponsored by American Express, but my thoughts and actions are all honest.

Backstage Beauty at Diesel Black Gold

It was a nice change of pace from the NYFW headquarters at Lincoln Center to check out a new venue – Pier 94.  After taking a peek at the Diesel Black Gold Spring 2012 collection it was evident that the ginormous warehouse was the perfect venue for their show.  The clothes had a utilitarian feel with a heavy emphasis on metallics.  In contrast, the hair and makeup with loose ponytails and fresh faces hinted at a sexy beach vibe.

To recreate loose, sexy waves that you get when going to the beach, Redken's lead stylist Guido used Guts Volume Spray Foam throughout damp hair and allowed to air dry.  Afterwards, Guido made a low ponytail and purposely took out a few strands for the desired look.  CoverGirl lead makeup artist, Pat McGrath, took things back to the supermodel era with the likes of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.  She achieves the look with a shimmery gold eyeshadow around the eyes and bronzed glow on the cheeks with nude lips.  For a lasting effect, McGrath used Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast in beige blaze.  





Betsey Johnson's Backstage Beauty Bonanza

I had been told earlier by Jeannine that backstage at Betsey Johnson was one big party and I was not disappointed.   The day finally came for me to cover her show and I was ecstatic! There were colorful signs everywhere made by the designer herself, champagne flowed and mini cupcakes by Baked By Melissa were abundant. Models and makeup artists alike were almost too busy dancing to the bumping music to get ready for the show. Somehow they managed. Sarah Lucero was the lead on makeup for Stila Cosmetics and the watchword for the show was "glam" (sexy and bombshell were also thrown around). The skin was kept very simple using Stila's Perfect + Correct, Brighten + Correct, and Sheer Pressed Powder. The cheeks were contoured with Stila's Sun Bronzing Powder to create some vavavavoom! The eyes were kept fairly simple with a bold, black cat eye (which stayed put thanks to Stila's Prime Pot and Smudge Pot in black) and loooong jet black lashes. (Sarah's tip for those at home is to apply the mascara and then make the cat eye.)

The main focus of the look were the lips; a bright, glossy, neon pink made with "giggle" luxe lip gloss. The finished product was definitely bold without being too much.

The hair, by Peter Gray for Cutler Redken Salon, was based off of Jerry Hall and Betsey's theme for the evening; "tits and ass". To make the hair as curvy as the motif, Peter used Redken's Number 12 Versatile Working Spray and curled 3/4 of the head all over. The curls were held with pins and sprayed again (I felt the top of the curls, there was a lot of shelac there). The other side of the head was a deep, sleek side part that went all the way from the front of the head to the back of the ear. After the curls were set, using Redken number 7 full frame protective volumizing mousse, the curls were brushed out into gorgeous waves. The finished look was as opulent as the collection.

The most intricate part of the show was definitely Nonie Creme, of Butter Londons nails. They were insane! Nonie said her inspiration came from Betsey's let loose and rock on attitude. The nails were a reverse half moon. She started by painting the nails with Union Jack Black and filing the tips to points. Then putting on a "stair step holographic glitter tip" (If you're confused, don't worry so was I. The stair step bit means that the fake nail sat above the real nail so it was on two different planes). Then, "Of course since it's Betsey," said Nonie. There was a diamante applique on each of the nails at the curve. The most interesting part of the already amazing and innovative manicure were the pinkies. Each pinky was pierced with a baby black safety pin. The safety pin was unbelievably cool and has made me stop biting my nails so I can grow them long enough to get them! Nonie's at home tip for this crazy manicure is to lay all of the fake nails on the table and paint them before you apply them. That way you can put nail polish everywhere and not worry about messing up your manicure.

Betsey's backstage party was amazing and I never wanted to leave. When I finally did, rocking a pink, glittery hair extension that smelled like Betsey's new fragrance, "Too Too", I danced around my room in my favorite Betsey dress listening to '80's music. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Betsey keeping it cool with her own hair extension!

Runway Review: Ohne Titel, I'm Obsessed

Today at Milk Made Studios I discovered Ohne Titel, which by far was one of my favorite shows of the season to date.  Anna Wintour watched without her sunglasses and occasionally gave nods of approval and I sat front row directly across from Anna Dello Russo.  The collection was full of strong colors and graphics, all together a feeling of optimism. I arrived early for the show and hung out at the American Express VIP Lounge where Kenneth Tepper of the Ric Pipino Salon threw some curls in my hair.  I swear it was the curls that landed me the front row seat!

Pistachio and buff hues were complimented with bright red, cobalt blue and yellow colors and each look that came out was more jaw dropping than the next.  This was the first season the designers, Alexa and Flora showcased prints and really embraced evening wear.  My favorite look was a red gown with a winged back worn with red gladiator flats.

Post show I was able to talk to the designers about the collection and they were super excited that they had such a good turn out.  Two words:  Anna Wintour.  "We're going to Paris next,"  they exclaimed. Turns out, this fashion show was just a preview of what's to come. Vogue and the CFDA is sponsoring Ohne Titel and sending them to Paris for the months of September and October to showcase their collection.  Lucky ladies!

*This post is sponsored by American Express, but all of my thoughts and actions are honest.

Groovy Baby! 60's Mod for Alice + Olivia

Bright colors mixed with pastels and eclectic hairstyles were part of the beauty scene for Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet's Spring 2012 collection.  The theme: walking through a secret garden during the 60's.

Thomas Dunkin, Sebastian Professional Lead Stylist, didn't want to take the 60's look so literally, so he pulled inspiration from the 20's creating three different styles.  A mix between chignons and buns, side-swept hair and low ponytails with head scarfs.  SO Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly!   For the runway, Dunkin used Potion 9 Lite as the foundation throughout the hair and a donut to create that polished look for the buns and chignons.  When trying it at home, he suggests making it your own. No need to make it so polished (i.e. no donut). If there are any loose strands let them be so as not to make it seem like you're trying too hard.


Let's talk about the shagadelic makeup done by Stila's Global Artist, Kasi Harabedian  for Beauty.com.  .  GORGEOUS!  The sparkling turquoise eyeshadow and extreme cat eye brought out the 60's mod style we all know and love.  She used a nude liner in the inner rim of the eyes instead of white to give it a modern touch and make the eyes pop.  For the most part, the nails were a mix of sorbet colors from Nails Inc. including mint green, corals and pinks.  However, some of the models rocked white nails with black stripes. To make it work Julie Kandalec first painted two coats of floral street and then a top coat on which she drew the black lines with black taxi.  A quick tip from the pro: no need to run out and buy fancy nail art pens, all she did was cut the bristles of the brush to make it easier to create the stripes.


Runway Review: Carlos Miele

I was lucky enough to check out the Spring 2012 collection of Carlos Miele which had long flowy dresses, vibrant prints and bold gold accents.  Miele wanted to create an artificial paradise filled with fluid lines and sculptural forms.

The jewelry was by Ivanka Trump and models wore long tassel necklaces backwards to showcase the open backs of the grecian style dresses.  I need to add one to my collection.  As you can tell the hair was slicked back to showcase the fresh faces to go along with Miele's vision.  Which look is your favorite?

Presentation Review: L.A.M.B.

Before we get started I wanted to take a moment to thank the NYPD and FDNY as they are the true heros and that we will never forget 9/11.  With that being said, the L.A.M.B. collection was dedicated to the people of New York on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

L.A.M.B. delivered tall two-toned top knots, extreme cat eyes and fun prints for Spring 2012.  With a wide array of fun prints and bold accessories, in true Gwen Stefani style.   With a cupra sandwash jumpsuit and bold statement piece by nOir for L.A.M.B. made what looks like a mechanic uniform a true fashion statement.

The piece that needs to live in my closet is this gorgeous one shoulder dress with the zig zag pattern and high slit.  The stacked bangles and wedges adds versatility so you can rock this outfit from day to night.

I had to share a close up of the hair and makeup.  If you want to make your top knot stand out, why not add some fun extensions in maybe pastel purple or pink?

Side note: If you haven't noticed from my daily Gwenified makeup I'm a huge fun of Ms. Stefani and I'm am so excited that I was able to share the deets with you guys!


Spring in Full Bloom at Tracy Reese

The Tracy Reese collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is full of flowers, pastels, and ladylike skirts. The nails, hair, and makeup enhanced the clothes, giving it all a polished look. The makeup was done by Mally Roncal, the creator of Mally Beauty. She wanted the look to be fresh and youthful (which worked great with Tracy's pretty play suits). She gave all the model's skin a satin finish, "No translucent powder!" she repeated twice. She then set the skin with Mally's Face Defender. Keeping the brows strong, Roncal went kept to a natural arch. She made the eyes very special.  She described the style of eyeliner as that customized style that the coolest girl in class could pull off, but you couldn't, thin with a small kick up at the end. (Everyone nodded in agreement and nostalgia when she said that). The lids were kept naked and the lashes long and spiky. The blush, in 24/7 medium, was placed high and strong, well above the apples of the cheeks. The lips were the most interesting of the entire look. They were very glossy and in two different shades.  The top lip was a color called Life is Fuchsia pink and the bottom was Be a Peach orange. The models were instructed very carefully not to roll their lips, but to marry the two colors by going "MA MA MA". Mally's advice to those wanting to try the look at home, "Just go for it!"

The hair was by guru, Jeanie Syfu for TRESsemme. To go with the floral print of the clothes, Jeanie created a soft, romantic hairstyle that showcased the best of the '30's, '40's, and '50's. She created a windblown effect by adding texture and waves to the models hair using TRESsemme's 24 Hour Body Mousse and lots of heat. The hair was first rolled into sections and clipped the the head, then ironed. Finally it was finger combed out and finished with high heat. TRESsemme's Curl Activator Spray was used to help with the heat styling so that the final product was touchable, not fried.

The front of the hair was absolutely gorgeous! There were one to two rolls off center on the top. Lucky for us, the rolls are easily created! Using a chopstick, roll the hair from the end of the hair to as high as you want and pin.  Jeanie emphatically stated after giving me the directions to "tease the hair first." Got it Jeanie!

The nails for this show were particularly special. Jin Soon Choi for Sally Hansen did the manicures, but it was Miss Tracy Reese herself that designed the color. The colors were inspired by "pure delight."  Tracy created a collection of seven different polishes for Sally Hansen that will be available in April!  The color used for the show was "Temptation," a beautiful pink that is light enough for Spring and will be sure to stand out on your fingers. The best part is that the line is part of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure, an all in one formula that has the base and top coat in it.  As a nail polish junkie and a lover of all things Sally Hansen, I can't wait till April to get my hands on the collection!

Tracy couldn't wait until April either and got a "Temptation" manicure backstage.

Walking Mannequins at Custo Barcelona

Models are sort of like live mannequins and Custo Barcelona took that literally!  As he had models in minimal makeup and über glossy side ponytails for his Spring 2012 show.  Maybelline Makeup Artist Gato wanted to create a modernistic appeal with a full eyebrows, porcelain skin and juicy coral lips.  Quick tip from the pro himself, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps between hair following the shape of the brow and comb with brush in an upward direction for perfect brows.

Neil Moodie for Bumble and Bumble wanted to create a ponytail with an edge.  By flat ironing the hair pin straight and tying it at the nape to create a tom-boyish appeal when looking at the models straight on.  Literally, painting on the high gloss to almost look like plastic off the reflection of the lights.  However, the ponytail remained dry forming two different textures.   To take this runway look to the streets just use a shine spray like Bumble and Bumble's Shine on and on Finishing Spray.  Don't forget, start at the ends and work your way up to the roots or else it will just make hair look oily instead of glossy.

Simon Spurr Menswear Runway Report, Oh and A Chuck Bass Sighting

My first time at Milk Made Studios this season was for the Simon Spurr show, which I was really excited about seeing because there's nothing better than seeing a man in a sophisticatedly tailored. Before the show I was sitting in the American Express VIP Lounge and in walks none other than Ed Westwick.  Yes, Gossip Girl's own, Chuck Bass.  We were just sitting there alone for a little until his escort for the show (a gorgeous tall brunette with a sequin jacket and mini skirt who worked at MADE) joined him.  He sat front row at the show looking quite dapper appropriately dressed in a Simon Spurr suit, but I was completely thrown off by his two pinky rings.  Yes, two.  One on each pinky and they were huge!

Well tailored three piece suits, pin stripes, quilted leather jackets and well groomed male models graced the runway.  After the show I got to speak with the designer for a quick second.  He explained the collection was an extension of fall, reinforcing that the brand is known for sharp, precise tailoring, but also taking a modern slant on country dressing.

Check out my video interview with him:

ADAM Showcases Wearable Runway Looks for Spring

One of my favorite things about ADAM is that everything I saw on the runway today will be made and sold.  Most designers use the catwalk as their playground creating high fashion looks to showcase their creativity, which are later used as inspiration for the next season.  Adam Lippes prides himself on creating collections that the everyday woman can actually wear.  I attended the show in the American Express Skybox with my friend Sydne Summer of ThinkThruFashion and had a meet and greet with the designer afterwards. "I'm inspired by the High Line in the Meat Packing District," Lippes commented.  "I love watching how people who walk around the runway in the sky dress and wanted to make clothes for them"

I love how he calls the High Line a runway in the sky.  After all, the sidewalk is our catwalk.  Right? Silk dresses in ivory, lavender and neon pink were followed by black and white polka dot dresses and military inspired embroidered jackets.

"There's nothing more refined than when a woman is comfortable in a dress she can afford," Lippe stated.

Watching the show from the skybox today and looking down onto the runway watching the crowd snap pictures and look at the clothing in awe as models walked by them made me take a step back for a minute and realize how lucky I am to be a fashion insider. Everyday I'm reminded in one way or another and at this moment, I really appreciated the fashion and beauty industry and my job.  Normally, I watch the shows from inside the tents and looking down at those people, it's such an honor.

*This post is sponsored by American Express, but my opinions are honest.