Dear Jeannine...

I see you got your yoga teacher certification.  How did you choose your program?

- Briah

I am so happy with my program choice of the YogaWorks Intensive 200 Hour Teacher Training.


It was 9-6 daily every day in January, so basically a full time job, but for my schedule right now, it was the only thing that could work.  I will tell you that the intensive format is insane.  Picture coming home exhausted from a long day of school and then having about two hours of homework to do each night.  Literally, your world is yoga.  If you have a different type your schedule, they also offer the same program that meets on weekends over the course of five months.

YogaWorks training was a no brainer.  I now feel I have knowledge and understanding of how to intelligently practice and teach a class from soup to nuts.  It was very alignment focused, which is the foundation to teaching any type of yoga.  I wasn't memorizing facts, I was actually exploring and fully understanding the reasoning behind the alignment in my own body.  My practice drastically changed.

Here's a review post I did about my fourth and final week in the program.  It goes into more depth.