Dear Jeannine...


I want to get a nude lipstick for fall.  Any suggestions?

- Danielle

Nude lips are one of fall’s hottest beauty trends, but there are some rules to follow according to your age.  

20’s: It's time to experiment with makeup and learn how to accentuate your best assets.  Try wearing a sheer gloss to enhance the natural shade of your lips to remain fresh faced.

30’s: By now, you should understand what looks good and what doesn't.  Opt for a matte nude lipstick for full, on-trend coverage.

40’s: In your 40’s fine lines are definitely a concern.  Try using a creamy lipstick since matte ones tend to be drying.  You don't want to enhance those lines!

50’s+: In your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s moisturization is key in order to make your lips look more youthful.  Your best bet?  A nude lip balm.